Food Supplies Alleviate the Suffering of South Halmahera Residents

ACT continues to assist the earthquake victims in South Halmahera. One of the efforts is by distributing food packages.

Food Supplies Alleviate the Suffering of South Halmahera Residents' photo

ACTNews, SOUTH HALMAHERA - The impact of the earthquake that recently shook is still being felt by the people of South Halmahera, North Maluku. Some of the residents' houses have been left damaged. The residents are still traumatized after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook South Halmahera on Sunday (7/14).

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has assisted South Halmahera since the first day, and has continued to provide assistance to the residents affected by the earthquake. Last Saturday (8/3), ACT distributed food packages to 62 families consisting of 311 individuals in Wayatim Village, Central East Bacan Subdistrict.

Juldi Mustafa from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) said that there were still many residents who were still experiencing trauma after the earthquake. Meanwhile, food was still hardly available. "For this reason, we distributed these food packages to Wayatim. This village became one of the locations that was badly affected by the earthquake in mid-July," he said.

To reach Wayatim Village, ACT must sail on a traditional fishing boat that carried the team of volunteers as well as hundreds of food packages. They had to sail for 7-8 years to reach Wayatim Village.

Previously, during the emergency period, ACT sent an evacuation team that helped to evacuate the residents. ACT also established a humanitarian post on Bacan Island to facilitate the distribution, and continued the assessment for post-disaster programs.

Reportedly, in addition to damaging buildings and traumatizing the community, the South Halmahera earthquake claimed 13 lives. Thousands of people were also forced to evacuate to high places for fear of a tsunami. []