Fostered MSME Group of Global Wakaf Starts to Run Business

Starting from individual businesses, now, a number of fostered MSME owners of Global Wakaf-ACT in Jagakarsa have started to form a group to increase their business scale from micro to small business.

Waqf for MSMEs.
The business monitoring process will be carried out for the next three months. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – A total of five MSME groups assisted by Global Wakaf-ACT in Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta, are now starting to build a joint business. Previously, the group consisted of 26 individual MSME owners who are the beneficiaries of the Waqf for MSME program which was fostered by 2 assistants over the past year.

Linda Kusumadewi as one of the Waqf for MSME assistants in Jagakarsa District explained that these MSME owners have been given the opportunity to participate in increasing their business scale from micro to small businesses. "Finally, there are fellow MSME owners who join and are selected by Global Wakaf-ACT in the screening-incubation program. This program is carried out for 3 months from October to December," said Linda Kusumadewi, one of the MSME assistants in Jagakarsa District, Friday (11/5/2021).

Linda explained that previously, these business owners were part of ultra-micro scale MSMEs. Then, after a year of mentoring, they are now part of the micro-entrepreneurs and in the future, they are targeted to level up as small business owners. This category is determined based on a certain turnover per year.

“I saw an extraordinary enthusiasm from the participants as they may have come from Waqf for MSME for one year. They have high enthusiasm along with the provision of business and spiritual knowledge. Therefore, with their own awareness, they register themselves to scale up for business incubation. Their enthusiasm is extraordinary," added Linda.

An MSME product in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

Jajan-In is one of the ways to run a group business. After the Fajr prayer, a table was set at the Jajan-In shop located on Jalan Kemenyan Raya, Ciganjur Village, Jagakarsa District, South Jakarta. Warm rissoles with mayonnaise, eclairs, and mini pizza were served and filled the table. One by one, local residents came to buy their merchandise as their breakfast dishes.

While running the group business, the beneficiaries continue to run their own businesses. As revealed by Dhika Suzaf who is the Group Manager at Jajan-In. "The group must be able to adapt as we also have our own activities," said Dhika.

Sofar, Dhika has not found any difficulty. “If it’s about the merchandise, Alhamdulillah, these MSME owners are already doing great, so it becomes easy for me as well. We have a good discussion with the women as they are very energetic and enthusiastic,” said Dhika.

Dhika hopes, in the future, the business can continue to develop with this group method so that when their business has become big, they can assist other MSMEs who need partners to collaborate.

“So, these women tend to cook at their house, they can also work together in Jajan-In shop to sell and earn a living together. They can also help other MSME owners whose businesses are about to collapse due to the pandemic,” said Dhika.[]