Four Earthquakes Rock Jakarta in Five Years

Jakarta has been hit by earthquakes several times in the last five years. However, the four earthquakes listed below are among the most significant and felt in the five years.

the epicenter of the earthquake
The epicenter of the earthquake. (BMKG)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – On Friday (1/14/2022), Jakarta felt the tremors caused by the earthquake on Java's south coast. The magnitude 6.7earthquake that struck the capital last week was not the first time.

According to Daryono, the BMKG's Coordinator for Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation, at least four significant earthquakes have occurred in Jakarta in the last five years.

Magnitude 6.1 Earthquake in 2018

A Magnitude 6.1  tectonic earthquake struck the South Indian Ocean region of Java on Tuesday (1/23/2018) at 01:34 p.m Western Indonesia Time. According to the BMKG analysis, the location of the earthquake's epicenter was at sea 43 kilometers south of Muara Binuangeun City, Lebak Regency, Banten Province, at a depth of 61 kilometers.

Jakarta, South Tangerang, and Bogor felt the shocks of the earthquake. Experts classified the southern Java-Bali-Nusa Tenggara earthquake as a shallow depth earthquake because of the subduction activity of the Indo-Australian Plate beneath the Eurasian Plate

2019 Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake

A tectonic earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 struck Banten, Jakarta, and West Java on Sunday (7/28/2019) at 09.25 p.m, Western Indonesia Time, and was later revised to magnitude 4.9. The location of the earthquake's epicenter was in the sea at a depth of 44 kilometers, 76 kilometers southwest of Pelabuhan Ratu City, Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province.

Map of the 2019 Magnitude 4.9 Earthquake. (BMKG)

The earthquake had a different impact on people in Pelabuhan Ratu, Cisolok, Malingping, South Sukabumi, Depok, Tangerang, Serang, Rangkasbitung, Sawarna, Panggarangan, Menes, Carita, Munjul Lembang, Jakarta, and Karawang.

2019 Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake

The earthquake that occurred on Friday (8/2/2019) at 07:03:25 p.m Western Indonesia Time caused a significant shock in the epicenter surrounding area. The location of the earthquake's epicenter was at sea at 7.32°S-104.75°E, off the coast of Java Island's western tip, at a shallow depth of about 48 kilometers.

The map of the 2019 Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake. (BMKG)

According to BMKG, the earthquake occurred due to a collision between two plates: the Indo-Australian Plate and the Sunda Plate (part of the Eurasian plate). People in Jakarta felt the earthquake shockwaves. BMKG issued a tsunami warning following the earthquake.

Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in 2022

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck Sumur, Banten Province, on Friday (1/14/2022) at 04.04 p.m, Western Indonesia Time. The earthquake's epicenter was 52 kilometers southwest of Sumur District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, or at coordinates 105.26° East Longitude and 7.01° South Latitude.

The map of magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurs on Friday (1/14/2022). (BMKG)

The earthquake affected people in Cikeusik, Panimbang, Labuan, Sumur, South Tangerang, Lembang, Bogor City, Pelabuhan Ratu, Kalianda, Bandar Lampung, Anyer, Jakarta, Tangerang City, Ciracas, Bekasi, Bandung City, Bogor Regency, and Kotabumi, North Lampung Regency. []