Four New Indonesian Clinics Provide Free Medical Services for Palestinians in Gaza

Indonesian Medical Clinics (IMC) in four governorates of Gaza continue to provide free medical services for Palestinians. Most of the residents who come to IMC are internal medicine patients.

Indonesian Medical Clinic.
Indonesian Medical Clinic provides medical services to Palestinians with various diseases. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Indonesian Medical Clinics (IMC) are located in four governorates of Gaza including Gaza City, Middle Area, Khan Younis, and Raffah. The clinics classify the services into general and specialist medicine.

The four new clinics complete another clinic that has been operating in North Gaza near the Gaza-Israel border. Unlike the previous IMC, these new clinics are actually clinics that are already operating and provide paid health services.

Each clinic can treat up to 1,000 patients per month. Hence, if these five clinics from ACT are active simultaneously, they will provide free medical services and medicines for at least 5,000 patients every month.

Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response reports that currently, IMC in Raffah, Gaza has been receiving patients with thyroid, diabetes mellitus, and bronchitis. Meanwhile, the IMC in the Middle Area mostly treats patients with skin, ear, nose, and throat diseases.

Report from IMC in Khan Younis has treated patients who are infected with the respiratory tract and skeletal muscle diastasis. Furthermore, the children's clinic in Gaza City has so far treated various types of diseases including childhood stroke and hydrocephalus which are mostly suffered by children in Gaza, Palestine.

“The Indonesian Clinics of Aksi Cepat Tanggap has fulfilled the medical services of Gazans. These facilities are thanks to the generosity of Indonesian people,” said Firdaus, Wednesday (7/28/2021).

Firdaus continued, the new clinics are expected to optimize the treatment of injured victims since currently, Gaza is still threatened by attacks of Israeli armed forces at any time.

“These clinics provide general and specialist medical services. In Gaza City, there is also a pediatric clinic, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation center. They are also equipped with facilities including an operating room to perform moderate surgeries, and an emergency room to treat critical patients in each clinic,” said Firdaus.[]