Fransiskus Toriano, a Convert Who Became a Pioneer of Islamic Preaching

After learning about Islam in Islamic boarding school, Fransiskus Toriano finally devoted himself to his village. He helped revive the mosque to preach to the community.

Fransiskus Toriano
Fransiskus Toriano admits getting guidance through the learning process. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANDAK – Fransiskus Toriano once rejected his parents’ decision to convert to Islam in 2001. He was a teenager at the time. He was forced to attend a boarding school to save more money.

There were many bad views on Muslims at that time. However, after earnestly studying Islam, his experience changed his point of view. "After I studied Islam, then I felt calm in my heart. Since then I have been determined to serve in the village,” said Toriano when met on Sunday (5/24/2021).

Torianao's determination was realized by initiating the Al-Musthofa Islamic forum in Kepanyang Hamlet, Sebatih Village, Sengah Temila District, Landak Regency, West Kalimantan. "Why is it named Al Musthofa? Al Musthofa means "the chosen one". I hope that these people will be chosen by Allah," said Toriano. Toriano preached to 20 Muslim families who lived scattered in his neighborhood. Therefore, he wanted to unite them in one forum.

Apart from the Al-Musthofa Islamic forum, he also manages two other Islamic forums in neighboring villages. The condition of the mosques that he visited at that time was neglected.

“The first time I came to a mosque in a village, the mosque had a lot of goat excrements because the residents didn't take care of it. Once, when it was Friday prayer time, I was the only one who came even though it was past 12 p.m. I had to pray in the next village which is about six kilometers away,” said Toriano. He even prayed Friday with only one congregation to teach that Friday prayers were obligatory for men.

Over time, the condition of the mosque got better. The fence was installed, and the congregation began to pray in the mosque. Now, he is grateful that the mosque has two rows of congregation on Friday.

Toriano is one of the preachers in West Kalimantan who received appreciation from the Friend of the Indonesian Muslim Preacher. (ACTNews)

Toriano is one of the beneficiaries of the Global Zakat-ACT’s Friend of Indonesian Muslim Preacher program. The Program Team of Global Zakat-ACT West Kalimantan, Nicho Dwi Anggoro, explained that Global Zakat-ACT continues to make various supports in West Kalimantan to accompany the preachers. "Hopefully, this program can support the activities of preachers who struggle to spread religion with all its challenges and limitations," said Nicho.

Apart from Toriano, there were six other beneficiaries in the assistance provided on Saturday (5/23/2021) and Sunday (5/24/2021). Nicho also said that on behalf of Global Zakat, he would like to thank all the Generous Friends who have supported preachers in the outer island program.[]