Free Food Operation Brings Happiness to Residents in Poor Neighborhood

Kampung Lio is a densely-populated settlement in Depok mostly inhabited by poor families. On Thursday (3/19), 100 packages of rice and Waqf Drinking Water were distributed as part of the Free Food Operation during COVID-19 emergency.

Jumadi (35), receiving Waqf Rice from the Friends of Indonesian Poor Families (SKPI). He lives in a small rented house in a small alley in Kampung Lio, Depok. (ACTNews/Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, DEPOK – Kampung Lio is a densely populated neighborhood located close to the railway. The sound of the roaring train engine can be heard each time the train passes every 5 minutes. Most of the resident were poverty-stricken.

Located in Depok Urban VIllage, Pancoran Mas Subdistrict, Depok, it is situated just behind the Depok city government buildings. The tall buildings of the government offices are in contrast with the small, crammed houses in Kampung Lio.

Jumadi (35), one of the residents who has lived in Kampung Lio since the 80s, works as a garbage collector. He lives with his wife in one of the narrow alleys in Kampung Lio. He earns only IDR 700,000 a month. "Sometimes I earn extra income from collecting used bottles," he said, Thursday (3/19).

He must set aside some of his meager income for the education of his two children that are currently living Indramayu. He still has to pay rent and fulfill basic necessities for him and his wife.

That Thursday, Jumadi was one of the beneficiaries of the Friends of Indonesian Poor Family (SKPI) program Waqf Drinking Water distribution from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) as part of the "Free Food Operation" that ACT carries out in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Many people were negatively affected by the COVID-19 emergency, as the declining economic condition makes the unable to buy food and other basic necessities for their families. Hence, Jumadi felt greatly assisted for the Waqf Rice distribution from the Free Food Oparation.

"Thank you for your assistance, it is truly helpful. As a garbage man, I don’t earn that much, and I still have to save some money for my children back home," Jumadi said happily.

The Punk community who participated in distributing rice packages and Waqf Drinking Water to underprivileged communities in Kampung Lio, Depok. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

Zaid Muzayyan from ACT Depok Program Team said that as many as 100 packages of rice and Waqf Drinking Water were distributed to underprivileged residents in Lio Village. Partnering with Laskar Berani Hijrah (Lebah) Community, which involved the punk community, the distribution reached two neighborhood associations (RTs). "We involved the punk community as a way to tackle the negative stigma of punk children in the society," he explained.

Alfa Sifa Ramadhan, nicknamed Bagol, one of the member of the punk community, said he was happy to be able to participate in distributing this humanitarian aid. He hoped that people will not view the punk community negatively.

"With us participating in the distribution of assistance from ACT, hopefully, it can reduce negative stigma punk kids. Not all of us are criminals," he said. []