Free Food Operation Expands Assistance on Batam Island

The pandemic that is yet to end and causes huge impacts on people’s lives has become the main reason for the continuous Free Food Operation on Batam Island. The food packages from the community’s alms targeted the elderly and impoverished residents.

Free Food Operation.
Handover of food packages from Free Food Operation to Batam residents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – In Batam, Free Food Operation continues to be carried out. The program has assisted a lot of families since 2020, especially those who are underprivileged affected by the pandemic. Waqf-based products including Waqf Rice and Waqf Drinking Water are continuously distributed along with other basic needs through this program to support the community’s food needs.

Supported by volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI), Free Food Operation was carried out in several districts in Batam, Thursday (9/23/2021). In Tanjung Piayu Village, Sei Beduk, Free Food Operation targeted the elderly and underprivileged residents as the recipients by distributing 415 food packages.

Branch Manager of ACT Riau Islands, Rahmat Hidayat said, Free Food Operation continues to be carried out because the pandemic is yet to end. The assistance also hugely benefits the residents, especially in the economic sector. Currently, the economic condition in Batam has not been completely revived after its downturn these past two years.

“The main reason of the continuous Free Food Operation in Batam is caused by its economic condition that has not ben revived completely. Therefore, it is part of the effort to overcome the pandemic impacts in various sectors,” explained Rahmat.

In addition to Free Food Operation, ACT and MRI also carry out Free Meal Operation by serving free meals to the residents. The action isn’t only focused on Batam City but also spread to Batam islands that are occupied by many impoverished residents.[]