Free Food Operation Reaches 46 Thousand People Within Four Days

In four days of operation, Free Food Operation (OPG) program for communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic has reached 46,275 people. The number of recipients and food to be distributed will also continue to be increased considering the Covid-19 pandemic and Emergency PPKM have not ended.

Waqf Rice
Rice for Free Meal Operation program distributed to PP Muhammadiyah in Jakarta for further distribution to the public. (ACTNews/Rifqa Athifah)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Since its launch on Thursday (7/8/2021), ACT's Free Food Operation (OPG) for communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic has reached tens of thousands of people as of Sunday (7/11/2021). A total of 29,769 kilograms or 29.7 tons of rice has been distributed.

Sri Eddy Kuncoro from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) says the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and the Emergency PPKM policy is also extended. This has prolonged the food crisis experienced by many poor households. For this reason, ACT will expand the food distribution, and increase the amount of food to be distributed.

“Within the first four days, the OPG program has benefited 46,275 people. A total of 29.7 tons of rice and 425 boxes of waqf drinking water have also been distributed. In the future, the number of recipients will increase and the distribution will be expanded because many areas have been affected by the pandemic," said Eddy, Monday (7/12/2021).

Progress of National Food Alms Movement (GSPN) and Humanity Care Line (HCL)

Two actions that have already been scaled up are National Food Alms Movement (GSPN) and Humanity Care Line (HCL) to further assist the food provision for the community.

“GSPN is to invite the community to share and help residents through food alms while HCL is a care line for residents who need food. These two actions are massive and still ongoing to this day,” explained Eddy.

From February 23 to July 11, 2021, this movement has taken place in 6,242 locations. 394,019 kilograms or 394 tons of rice has been distributed, 33,451 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water in plastic cups, and 16,240 boxes of Waqf Drinking Water in plastic bottles.

The total beneficiaries reached 118,204 families or 1,077,791 people. The implementation of GSPN involved 21,645 volunteers, 96 ACT branch offices in 17 provinces, 80 regions, 579 districts, and 990 villages.

From January 11 to July 11, 2021, a total of 472,962 kilograms of rice has been distributed through Humanity Care Line, received by 157,654 families or 788,270 people. The distribution involved 152 volunteers. Humanity Care Line distribution coverage includes three provinces, eight regions, 183 districts, and 1,327 villages. []