Free Food Operation Visits Buttue Hamlet to Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

In celebrating the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, ACT visited Buttue Hamlet, Pangkajene and Islands Regency and distributed free food packages to the residents.

Prophet Muhammad's birthday.
Most of the Buttue Hamlet residents work as seagrass farmers. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANGKEP ISLANDS – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Sulawesi celebrated Prophet Muhammad’s birthday in Buttue Hamlet, Kanaungan Village, Labakkang District, Pangkep Islands, Pangkajene and Islands Regency, South Sulawesi.

“We assisted those who are in need. It’s obligatory for us to assist fellow Prophet Muhammad’s people. Therefore, we celebrated the Holy Prophet’s birthday by distributing food packages including basic necessities. It’s part of ACT’s effort to overcome the nation’s food problems,” said Firman, Program Implementation Coordinator of ACT South Sulawesi, Friday (10/22/2021).

Buttue Hamlet is located on the coast of Pangkajene and Islands Regency. Most of the residents work as seagrass farmers. “This area is rarely assisted. Meanwhile, most of them still need our support,” said Firman.

In this blessed moment, ACT invites generous friends who want to participate in the movement of kindness. “Apart from food aid distribution, we also want to renovate Santi’s house. She is a disabled person who teaches Quran to the children. Benefactors can submit their donations through Indonesia Dermawan, bank transfers to Muamalat 8010 1071 82 and confirm it to Whatsapp chat 0821 9224 1414, or visit the official Instagram page @act_sulsel,” Firman concluded.[]