Free Food Operations: Food Assistance Amid Restrictions on Community Activities

Efforts to save the nation from the pandemic are increasingly being carried out. Aksi Cepat Tanggap proved it by maximizing Free Food Operations. The distribution of this food aid involves various food distribution vehicles owned by ACT.

Ibnu Khajar
ACT President Ibnu Khajar (third from right) with leaders of Islamic organizations in Indonesia. ACT cooperates with various parties to help communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through Free Food Operations. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, BOGOR – ACT intensified the Solidarity Action to Save the Nation from the Covid-19 Pandemic through Free Food Operation (OPG) program. This program is supported by humanitarian food-producing vehicles owned by ACT, namely Humanity Food Truck, Humanity Food Bus, and Humanity Rice Truck.

Ibnu Khajar, President of ACT, says the foundation of Free Food Operation (OPG) program is the spirit of saving the nation from the Covid-19 pandemic. Ibnu reminds us that the Indonesians can find solutions to every problem and always rise and be strong to face anything.

According to Ibnu, the spirit is realized through real action. Fellow elements of the nation work together to help residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and must not stop.

"The action must be more massive every day. Self-isolating residents, those affected by PPKM, healthcare workers, and people who experience economic difficulties due to the pandemic must not starve. The distribution of OPG is a real action that assistance to the community is given massively,” said Ibnu directly from the Wakaf Distribution Center, Friday (7/16/2021).

OPG received support from various parties, including the Indonesian Ulema Council, the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board, and Angkatan Muda Siliwangi.

Yusnar Yusuf Rangkuti, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), said MUI appreciated all humanitarian actions, including Free Food Operations initiated by ACT.

"As an institution that oversees all Muslim organizations, MUI urges the public not to be afraid of not being able to eat. ACT will remain upright until the last drop of blood,” explained Yusnar.

He also adds that the Covid-19 pandemic is a trial from Allah SWT for people. Humans have to do a lot of istighfar (asking for forgiveness) so that Covid-19 is immediately ended. People must help each other through programs initiated by ACT together with MUI.

Humanitarian vehicle for distribution of Free Food Operations (ACTNews/M. Ubaidillah)

Chairman of PBNU Marsudi Suhud said humanitarian efforts by helping others will surely be rewarded by Allah. Furthermore, protecting people is the most crucial goal of sharia. “Protecting people is the most important goal of sharia. Keeping people from hunger is the challenge of solidarity today, which this nation needs, even all nations in the world. Please, believe that what is done in the effort to protect people will be rewarded by Allah. Congratulations to ACT and all parties who take part in it," said Marsudi.

Noery Ispandji Firman, Chairman of Angkatan Muda Siliwangi Pusat (AMS), says the Covid-19 pandemic is the right moment for all elements of society to unite in solidarity. Firman emphasizes that AMS is ready to synergize with ACT and other organizations to help communities affected by the pandemic.

“ACT movement is very appropriate in our country's emergency condition. Indeed, the number of Covid-19 cases continues to increase, and it has been really an emergency. ACT's presence here is useful, right on target, and on time. Alhamdulillah, hopefully, we can withstand the turbulence as a nation. We are under tremendous pressure right now," Firman said. []