Free Meal Operation Delights North Jakarta Residents

ACT’s humanitarian vehicle called Humanity Food Bus has distributed 300 meal packages to residents of the North Jakarta region.

Humanity Food Bus assists impoverished people in North Jakarta.
Humanity Food Bus assists impoverished people in North Jakarta including online taxis. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The sunlight welcomed Humanity Food Bus arrival in East Kelapa Gading Village for Free Meal Operation program. The residents were enthusiastically received hundreds of meal packages from Free Meal Operation in front of Jami Al Amin Mosque.

Coordinating with the mosque committee, the meal packages were delivered to impoverished residents such as women, children, and online taxis who were passing by, which coincided with the lunchtime.

Alhamdulillah, these hundreds of meal packages bring ACT to serve more to the community. So far, ACT has taught us to share and help each other which has a lot of benefits,” said Ustaz Dadi, a committee of Jami Al Amin Mosque.

Harun Basalamah from ACT North Jakarta Program Team revealed that the 300 meal packages were distributed to the residents through Humanity Food Bus.

Insha Allah, ACT’s humanitarian vehicles will always assist underprivileged residents in various regions. However, we also need support from all parties to take part in giving the best alms through" said Harun.[]