Free Meal Operation Visits Islamic Boarding School in Tadui, Mamuju

As an effort to accompany people during Ramadan and post-disaster phase, ACT continues to expand the benefits of ready-to-eat meals from the Free Meal Operation.

Distribution of ready-to-eat meals from the Free Meals Operation at the Tadui Islamic boarding school, Mamuju. (ACTNews)
Distribution of ready-to-eat meals from the Free Meal Operation at the Tadui Islamic boarding school, Mamuju. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAMUJU – In the moment of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) together with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Mamuju held a humanitarian action, Monday (5/3/2021). This time, located in Al-Munawwarah Islamic Boarding School, Salutalawar Hamlet, Tadui Village, Mamuju, ready-to-eat meals were distributed. This action was part of the Free Meals Operation initiated by ACT since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as an effort to provide food for the community.

There were hundreds of ready-to-eat food packages that had been distributed to the Al-Munawwarah Islamic Boarding School for iftar meals. A good response came from the students and the teachers. "Thank you to ACT and the MRI volunteers who care for the students. May blessings always flow to all of us," said Ustaz Ruslan, one of the teachers of the Islamic boarding school.

There are hundreds of students in Al-Munawwarah Islamic boarding school. When the earthquake hit last January, they also felt the impact. Now, in Ramadan, they continue to study while trying to heal their trauma.

Ade Putra from the program team of ACT Mamuju said the food package assistance for the students was a concrete manifestation of the generous benefactors' concern that was distributed through ACT. Moreover, the Mamuju area is currently still recovering after the disaster last year. Efforts to assist people in Mamuju continue to be carried out through various programs.

“We have carried out this Free Meal Operation since the emergency response phase in January and we will continue this program. We collaborate with local food stalls. It is not only the beneficiaries but the food stall owners who feel the benefit of this kindness operation,” explained Ade.

In the future, this kindness program continues expanding to various points in Mamuju. The benefactors and many parties can take part in this operation. The best alms can be delivered through Indonesia Dermawan official website or BNI Syariah account at 880 000 7485 in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. The benefactors can deliver generosity directly to the ACT Mamuju Branch Office, Jalan Urip Sumoharjo, Number 12, Karema Village, Mamuju (in front of Taman Karema). []