Free Meals Operation Visit Underprivileged People in Pangkalpinang

Since the first day of Ramadan, ACT had been rushing to expand kindness of Ramadan food Alms Movement. In Pangkalpinang, food packages distributed to underprivileged people and orphans.

Distribution of food packages to Pangkalpenang people through Ramadan food Alms Movement. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANGKALPINANG – This year will be the second year of Ramadan amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all aspects of life have been affected, including the health system and economy. Poverty has become a real threat, and fulfilling the need for food has become difficult.

These conditions occur throughout Indonesia. Aksi Cepat Tanggap together with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesi (MRI) collaborated with Majelis Taklim An-Nur carried out Free Food Operation on Tuesday (4/13/2021). This operation targeted underprivileged people and orphans in Kampak Street, Tuatunu Indah Village, Gerunggang District, Pangkalpinang. Free Food Operation is part of the Ramadan Food Alms Movement.

Erdyanto, a caretaker of Majelis Taklim An-Nur, said that Majelis Taklim An-Nur has regularly distributed food packages to the needy. This year, they collaborated with Aksi Cepat Tanggap to support the Ramadan Food Alms Movement. “ This is our effort to help many people,” he said.

The beneficiaries welcomed this food package distribution. They were very grateful for this humanitarian assistance. Romli was one of the beneficiaries. Romli is blind and works as a masseuse. He was very happy to receive the food package. He said the food package he received would meet his family’s needs for the next few days. Romli’s income was uncertain. He relied on massage services, which do not have customers every day.

Raffles from the ACT Bangka team said that food package distribution initiated by Majelis Taklim An-Nur was a good program. This activity had become evidence of unlimited generosity even though the pandemic has not ended yet.

“During Ramadan, ACT will assist people through Ramadan Food Alms Movement. Every person can support this movement by giving alms through BNI account on behalf of ACT in a number 88 0000 2329,” asked Raffles.[]