Free Medical Operations Reach Isolated Villages

Free Medical Operations from ACT and PHYC reach Jorong Tombang in the isolated Talamau District, West Pasaman. To provide the best service for residents, the team took a difficult road.

ACT medical team
The medical team heads to the house of a resident in Jorong Tombang, West Pasaman. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Saturday, September 18, 2021, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and the Pasbar Health Youth Community (PHYC) started their trip to Jorong Tombang, Nagari Sinuruik, Talamau District, West Pasaman. The team prepared various medical supplies to carry out Free Medical operations. Jorong Tombang is an area that is difficult to reach and lacks health facilities.

The ACT team traveled thousands of kilometers from ACT office in West Pasaman to Jorong Tombang. The trees around were soothing to the eyes. Unfortunately, the roads were rocky, muddy, and slippery. There is a steep descent to enter the village. However, people have to go through a steep and winding incline to leave.

"According to residents, there was once a mattress seller who sold his merchandise at cheap because it was difficult to get out of the village," said Gatoet Kesuma, Branch Manager of ACT West Pasaman. 

In Jorong Tombang, there is only a midwife in the village, which has hundreds of residents. If the drug stock runs out, they have to go to the city to refill. Public Health Center is located in the sub-district, which is tens of kilometers from Jorong Tombang.

ACT and PHYC brought doctors, pharmacists, and nurses to Jorong Tombang. This medical service was centered at the established health post. For residents who were unable to come, they got home visits.

One of the roads that must be passed to get to Jorong Tombang, West Pasaman. (ACTNews)

“After going through rough terrain, we arrived here. We strive for the best service. Hopefully, the residents can maintain their health through Free Medical Operations," said Hamzah from the PHYC team.

Previously, ACT West Pasaman had held Free Medical Services in several areas. The beneficiaries were underprivileged residents and residents who were far from the health facilities. The team also provided counseling about healthy living.[]