Free Waqf Drinking Water Available in Pekanbaru

The first Waqf Drinking Water is available in Pekanbaru City. The free drinking water was distributed for mosque congregants in the capital of Riau. In addition, the Waqf Drinking Water will also be distributed to Islamic schools and universities.

Global Wakaf-ACT Volunteers distributing Waqf Drinking Water for the worshippers at Jami'atuzzahidin Mosque in Pekanbaru City. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKANBARU - Global Wakaf ACT Pekanbaru distributed Waqf Drinking Water on Friday (11/6) in the city of Pekanbaru. The distribution of the Waqf Drinking Water in Pekanbaru began at the Jami'Atuzzahidin Mosque which is located on Jalan Jl. Hangtuah Ujung, Lima Puluh District, Pekanbaru City.

ACT Riau Branch Manager Hendi Gunawan said, Waqf Drinking Water is provided for free because the funding comes from community waqf funds.

"The free Waqf drinking water will not only be distributed in mosques, but also in a number of other locations such as Islamic boarding schools and universities," he said.

The Waqf Drinking Water distribution was welcomed by the Jami'Atuzzahidin Mosque Board. Azwadi, a member of the board, thanked Global Wakaf-ACT for their attention in providing free drinking water for the congregants. "We are ready to assist and support Global Wakaf-ACT in this Waqf Drinking Water program," he said.

Azwardi hopes that this program can reach a wider community and mosques. More people, especially in Pekanbaru, need to know more about the program.

Not only Free Waqf Drinking Water, Global Wakaf - ACT Riau distributed snacks from Kinoi Cake and Cookies and Dapoer Maifin's to the worshippers. []