Fresh Clean Water as a Ramadan Gift for Muslim Students in Kutai

Hidayatul Hayat Islamic Boarding School survives with limited facilities by relying on forest products, limited operational funds, and wells with a little water that dry up every dry season.

The Waqf Well in the Hidayatul Hayat Islamic Boarding School releases water in mid-Ramadan. (ACTNews)
The Waqf Well in the Hidayatul Hayat Islamic Boarding School releases water in mid-Ramadan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KUTAI KARTANEGARA – Global Wakaf-ACT East Kalimantan has built a Waqf Well in Hidayatul Hayat Islamic Boarding School, Sungai Merdeka Village, Samboja, Kutai Kartanegara. The well, which is the result of collaboration with SDIT Istiqamah YPAITB Balikpapan, provides a source of water for students in that school. During the dry season, drought often hits the area. Many students and members of the school board feel the impact.

The school had made efforts to dig a well before the Waqf Well was built. Unfortunately, during the dry season, the water did not come out from the well with a depth of 5 meters. The operational funds of this school were limited, so the existing well was not dug deeper.

Ustaz Burhanudin, one of the school administrators said the operational funds of the Islamic boarding school were prioritized for the daily needs of students over school facilities like water wells. Many students in this school came from underprivileged families.

“The school depends on the forest products, Brother. We also raise chickens to meet the students’ needs. Our school is located close to a mining site. The mining site has led to a decrease in forest products and environmental pollution. It is difficult for us to access clean water during the dry season,” said Ustaz Burhanudin to the Global Wakaf team in mid-Ramadan.

The construction of Waqf Well in this school started from April 17 to April 26. After its completion, clean water flows from the well, becoming a blessing for the school, its students, and staff members. Masmudah, a representative of SDIT Istiqamah YPAITB was very grateful for the construction of the Waqf Well. The joint efforts had been completed and finally come to fruition.

Alhamdulillah, the Waqf Well that we have entrusted to Global Waqf has been built. Thank you also for introducing us to the Hidayatul Hayat Islamic Boarding School. I saw that the infrastructure and learning facilities were in poor condition," said Masmudah.[]