Friday Alms is Sugiyarti's Way of Encouraging Students to Recite Quran

Every Friday, Sugiyarti consistently gives charity to her students. Apart from giving charity, she wants to encourage her students to learn the Quran.

Sugiyarti teaches at TPQ Al-Hikmah. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SEMARANG – Sharing has become a habit for Ustazah Sugiarti. Whatever the circumstances, people should not abandon alms.

Ustazah Sugiyarti is a Al-Hikmah Quran Learning Center (TPQ) teacher in Gedawang Village, Banyumanik District, Semarang City. Every Friday, Ustazah Sugiyarti consistently shares food with her students.

“I receive a salary of IDR 300 thousand per month. Giving does not have to wait to be rich. When we get sustenance, then there are some other's rights that must be given," said Ustazah Sugiyarti when met by ACT Semarang team, Friday (12/3/2021).

Ustazah Sugiyarti also teaches the Quran at home. Every Friday, she also shares food with her students at her home as she did at TPQ. In addition to giving alms, she wants to encourage her students to learn the Quran.

“After a week of studying, I gave rewards by giving snacks to the children. Hence, they enjoy learning the Quran," she explained.

To support Ustazah Sugiyarti's struggle, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance, Friday (12/3/2021). It was a realization of support for the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers’ Prosperity.[]