Friend of Indonesian Teacher Supports Asbi; Honorary Teacher from Karimun

As a form of concern for the honorary teachers in Indonesia, Global Zakat-ACT Riau Archipelago Team distributed staple food packages through the Friends of Indonesian Teachers to Asbi, one of the teachers in Karimun Regency.

Asbi admits that during this deteriorating pandemic, honorary teachers like himself also experience difficulties. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARIMUN – Based on data, the number of honorary teachers in Indonesia has reached 1.53 million people. They have to deal with financial difficulties due to their small salaries.

Now, their struggle is even harder. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made it more troublesome for them to meet their daily needs.

This happens to Asbi, one of the honorary teachers at Elementary School 003 Meral Kampung Baru, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands. The man who has been teaching for five years as an Honorary Teacher of Islamic subject admits that he has difficulty in meeting economic needs.

“Now, the conditions are difficult because the pandemic is getting worse. Teaching and learning activities are still online, so my activities are limited. Moreover, I need to meet my daily needs," said Asbi, Saturday (7/17/2021).

To help Asbi's struggle, Global Zakat-ACT Riau Archipelago Team provided food packages from Friend of Indonesian Teacher program. A smile of happiness appeared on Asbi's face when receiving assistance.

Alhamdulillah, thank you Global Zakat-ACT and the donors for their attention to us honorary teachers. May Allah reward them with goodness, blessings, and health," said Asbi. []