Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers Empowers Quran Teachers in Tanah Datar

Yusma Ariza, a Quran teacher in Tanah Datar receives a salary of only IDR 200 thousand per month. To increase her income, Yusma does side jobs by collecting firewoods or being a farm laborer.

Yusma collects firewoods from the forest.
Yusma collects firewoods from the forest. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANAH DATAR – Yusma Ariza is a Quran teacher in Baitul Izza Tahfiz House, Bungo Tanjuang. Every day, Yusma has to walk for 2.5 kilometers to reach the tahfiz house.

“I have used to walk excitedly to my teaching place because my students are also excited to learn the Quran. They have given up their playing time to learn the Quran,” said Yusma to ACT Bukittinggi team, Monday (9/20/2021).

By being a Quran teacher, Yusma receives a salary of IDR 200 thousand per month. To meet her family’s daily needs, Yusma also helps her husband farming on a field who is paid IDR 60 thousand per day.

“If my neighbor asks for help to farm their field, then we can get additional income. If there is none, I will just collect firewoods to be sold or used by myself,” she explained.

When Yusma doesn’t have a farming job, she will go to the hill forest of Aua Sarumpun in Bungo Tanjuang, Batipuah District, Tanah Datar Regency, to collect firewood. She does the side job to help her husband earn a living.

For her struggle and dedication, through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program, Global Zakat-ACT delivers financial assistance to Yusma, Monday (9/20/2021). Yusma thanked the benefactors for the assistance. She hopes that what has been given from the benefactors can be rewarded by Allah.[]