Friends of Indonesian Teachers Delivers Aid to Two Teachers in Ciamis Regency

Hana and Haeruman have devoted themselves as teachers for decades. After teaching, they both still have to work side jobs to make ends meet.

Hana and Haeurman teach daily at a school in Hegarmanah Village, Cidolog District, Ciamis Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIAMIS REGENCY – Friends of Indonesian Teachers initiated by Global Zakat-ACT continued assisting poor teachers in remote parts of the country. This time, the trust of the benefactors reached two teachers in Hegarmanah Village, Cidolog District, Ciamis Regency, West Java on Wednesday (12/1/2021).

One of these teachers was Hana Musohibah, who used to walk three kilometers to reach the school where she teaches. Her spirit was never hampered by exhaustion as she dedicates herself to teaching for 45 years.

After teaching at the elementary school, she teaches at an Islamic school. "After teaching at the school, I teach children at the madrasa from 2 to 6 p.m. and teach Quran at my house afterward,” said Hana.

Another teacher who benefitted from this program, Haeruman, teaches religious subject for 25 years at an Islamic junior high school. After work, he works a patch of land that belongs to his brother to earn extra income.

“For me, being a teacher is not for material gain. Rather, it is an act of worship. Insha Allah, I hope that what I am doing will benefit me in the afterlife,” prayed Haeruman.

This assistance will, hopefully, encourage them and lessen their burden as it continues to benefit other teachers in Ciamis and other regions in Indonesia. []