Friends of Indonesian Teachers Join the Struggle of Teachers in Manado

Honorary teachers were the target beneficiaries of food packages from Global Zakat-ACT Manado.

a food package
Global Zakat team sends a food package to teachers in Manado. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MANADO – Global Zakat-ACT continues to show its gratitude to teachers all over Indonesia, including Manado City. Last Friday (2/11/2022), Global Zakat-ACT distributed assistance to teachers in Manado.

"We express our gratitude by providing food packages to teachers. We intend to benefit honorary teachers," said Budianto Tangahu, Branch Manager of ACT Manado.

The teachers happily welcomed the food packages from Friends of Indonesian Teachers program. Ahmad Huzain was one of them. He has been an honorary teacher in Darul Istiqomah, Manado City, for about eleven years.

"Thank you for the appreciation from Generous Friends. With this dedication, I can only hope that my students will have a future that is even brighter than the teacher's," Huzain stated.

This is how Zahratin, an Assalam Islamic Boarding School teacher, feels. The teacher, who has been teaching for nineteen years, said he was pleased to see that his former students are now successful in their careers.

"I am pleased to see that students have succeeded. Some go on to become doctors, teachers, or police officers. When he was being treated, he met an unexpected student who became a doctor. I am very proud of them," Zahratin stated.

Through this program, Global Zakat-ACT Manado will continue to strive to accompany the teachers' struggle. "Hopefully, with the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program, honorary teachers will be able to continue their efforts to spread knowledge in the community, and more people will support their service in the future," said Budianto Tangahu. []