Friends of Indonesian Teachers Revisits Teachers in Ambon

In an effort to assist the teachers in Indonesia, Friends of Indonesian Teachers revisits a school in Ambon City.

Handover of the aid to the teacher in Al-Madinah Foundation (ACTNews).

ACTNews, AMBON - Global Zakat - ACT Maluku once again provide aid to economically-underprivileged teachers in Ambon City, Maluku Province. Through the Indonesian Teachers Friends program, fifteen teachers receive financial assistance on Wednesday (1/5) at the Al-Madinah Foundation and Al-Hikmah Foundation in Batu Merah village, Sirimau Sub-District, Ambon City.

ACT Maluku Head Manager Wahab Loilatu said that the Friends of Indonesian Teachers were present to appreciate the struggle of underprivileged teachers. This is because there are many teachers who do not get the proper salary in their place.

"The Indonesian Teachers Friends Program is a program to help highly-dedicated teachers who earn only a low salary. We hope that, with this financial aid, the beneficiaries will be happier and more enthusiastic about their teaching and learning activities," Wahab said.

One of the teachers who received the financial aid from the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program was Mirna. For ten years, she has taught at Al-Madinah Foundation, Batu Merah Village, Ambon City. Mirna receives IDR 300,000 per month and she receives every three months. Despite her small salary, she is still actively teaching dozens of students. The school where she teaches regularly provides assistance and instant noodles to her.

"Even though I don’t earn much, it doesn't matter to me because I want my students to achieve their goals and succeed in the future," Mirna said.

She has devoted himself to the Al-Madinah Foundation since 2009, teaching mathematics. She lives at Al-Madinah Foundation because she can’t afford to pay rent. She uses most of her salary to fulfill her daily need and to support her children’s education. For the SGI program, Mirna felt grateful and thanked Global Zakat - ACT.

The ACT Team took a photo with the teachers and students during the handover of the financial aid from the Indonesian Friends of Teachers program in Maluku. (ACTNews)

"Al-Madinah Foundation teaching staff and I would like to thank Global Zakat - ACT and generous friends who came back to provide financial aid for us. May Allah always provide more sustenance for ACT and all benefactors," Mirna said

The financial assistance for the teachers was handed over directly by Wahab Loilatu, ACT Maluku’s Branch Manager. The students were also very happy to see their favorite teachers receiving financial aid from Global Zakat - ACT.

"I, on behalf of the students, of the Al-Madinah Foundation, thank Global Zakat - ACT and the benefactors for providing financial aid for our teachers," said one of the Al-Madinah Foundation students.

Previously, Sahabat Guru Indonesia also reached several teachers at Al-Madinah Foundation in December 2019. []