Fulfilling Jaka Bidaulah's Noble Wish to Endow Waqf Lands

Fulfilling Jaka Bidaulah's Noble Wish to Endow Waqf Lands

ACTNews, BURU – For quite a long time, the late Jaka Bidaulah, a resident of Kubelahi Village, Telungkuba Sub-District, Buru Island, had had the wish to endow his 10-hectare land for an Islamic boarding school. He wanted his land to bring perpetual benefits for the people on Buru Island. Unfortunately, the wish had not been able to be realized for years. Until his demise, Jaka Bidaulah’s wish remained unrealized.

Rosana, Jaka Bidaulah’s third child, mentioned how her father had a strong wish to build an Islamic school. “He has made such will and has trusted his family to endow the lands. His motivation to endow his lands is to build Islamic boarding school and for the economic improvement of the people on Buru Island so that the native people of Buru must no longer go outside Maluku to seek knowledge. They need not go to Islamic boarding schools in Java to study. This Islamic boarding school shall also help the children who have financial difficulties,” she said.

Jaka Bidaulah’s family was finally able to realize his dream. After meeting Global Wakaf in Eid Al-Adha 2017, the opportunity to fulfill Bidaulah’s wish finally appeared. Without hesitation, Bidaulah’s family trusted Global Wakaf to administer the endowed land. “Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful for Global Wakaf for fulfilling my father’s wish,” said Rosana.

She hoped that the waqf land can be administered and managed professionally. “May everything go smoothly so that the waqf can not only be used to build Islamic boarding school but also to bring immense benefits to wider society,” she said.

Danu of Global Wakaf stated that Global Wakaf’s willingness to be the waqf administrator is rooted from Global Wakaf’s spirit to improve the economy of Buru islanders. Bidaulah’s endowment is a trust that will bring everlasting benefits.

Gradually, Global Wakaf will turn the lands into productive waqf assets. One of the ways is by initiating Waqf-based Food Barn (LPW). LPW is a national scale program that focuses on productive waqf in the form of agriculture to empower local farmers.

“We will optimize the waqf land that has been entrusted to us by making it productive. Some of this waqf lands will be used as farmlands that will be beneficial for the Islamic boarding school’s construction. As the endower wished, the waqf land will be used for the good of Buru Islanders. Alhamdulillah, the LPW has been initiated through the seed planting activity on Thursday (12/6),” said Danu.

Waqf endowment for development of Islamic propagation

Jaka Bidaulah’s family was among the families who migrated from Buton in Southeast to trade in Maluku around 1979. They initially moved to Ambon. After the political prisoners of the New Order on Buru Island were released. They moved to the island in 1980 and finally settled down.

“When we were in Ambon, our business went bankrupt so we decided to move to Buru. Here, we started our business from the beginning. Alhamdulillah, our business went smoothly and we were able to buy a house and lands,” said Nursiah, Bidaulah’s wife, who now has nine children, thirty-two grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

She mentioned that her family had also previously endowed land for Buru Island Police Department when her husband was alive. Jaka Bidaulah’s family has been actively participated in waqf activities as the late Bidaulah was strongly motivated to contribute in Islamic propagation activities.

“Actually, the reason my father endowed his land was also to contribute to Islamic propagation. That is why he was eager to endow his lands for an Islamic Boarding School to develop Islamic education especially on this Buru Island,” said Yasir Arafat, Bidaulah’s son.

The late Bidaulah’s wish was fully supported by his family due to the family’s strong Islamic background. All Bidaulah’s children attended Islamic schools; they have understood the urgency of waqf endowments.

“Everything is a trust from Allah. We fully support our father’s with because waqf will be our family’s investments for the Hereafter. Hopefully, the waqf will be beneficial for the development of Islamic propagation,” said Arafat.

“The sincerity of the late Bidaulah and his family to endow waqf serves as an inspiration for us all. May this waqf be accepted as a sadaqah jariyah (ceaseless charity) for him and his family in accordance with the saying of Prophet Muhammad as narrated by Muslim, ‘When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him,’” concluded Danu. []



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