Fulfilling Samah's Wish for a Decent Toilet

Previously, Samah (60) had to draw water every morning before she started her activities. During the dry season, she often had to deal with the lack of water. Thanks to the Family Waqf Well program, Samah now has a water source and a decent toilet at home.

Samah uses the water from the Family Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG – Now, the condition of the toilet at Samah's (60) house is much better thanks to the Family Waqf Well program. The bathroom has tiled floors and a water tap. She is a resident of Kranggan Village, Setu District, South Tangerang. Samah doesn't need to draw water anymore for bathing and washing.

“Previously, Samah already had a toilet, but it was poor and inadequate. She had to draw water from the well for her daily activities,” said Rodi Maryanto from the team of Global Wakaf-ACT Tangerang on Friday (7/2/2021).

During the dry season, the water at Samah's house will dry out. “Usually, Samah waits for the help from the government such as distribution of clean water and water subsidies," said Rodi.

Samah wants to have a more decent toilet like her neighbors. However, this single mother prioritizes her basic needs. Every day, Samah peddles cakes to meet her needs.

Last April, Samah's hope was realized through the Family Waqf Well program. “I am very grateful to the benefactors and the team of Global Wakaf-ACT. May the benefactors live a long life, success in their business and career, and prosper. Hopefully, the well can be durable, and I will take care of it," said Samah.[]