Fulfilling the Nutritional Need of Syrian Children in North Idlib

Hundreds of Food Packages consisting of staple food and biscuits for toddlers were distributed in Mavi Camp, Harem, North Idlib

Refugee children in Mavi Camp receiving food packages. (ACTNews).

ACTNews, NORTH IDLIB – The internally displaced people have been living in Camp Mavi, Harem, North Idlib, Syria, for four years. Among the IDP are children who play and run around the camp. Some of them were born in the tents. Mavi Camp is one of the camps with quite a large number of refugee children. That was what was found by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) while visiting there, Sunday (11/10).

"We are focused on helping Syrian civilians who have been the victims of this almost eight-year conflict, especially the women and children," said Firdaus Guritno from ACT Team. The team visited the camp to distribute food packages to over 300 families with toddlers.

Firdaus explained, Syrian refugees in Camp Mavi were still very dependent on humanitarian assistance because of difficulties in meeting their needs and limited employment. Mavi Camp in North Idlib is located not far from the Turkey-Syria border. "Living close to the border makes it difficult for them to get a job," said Firdaus.

Therefore, Firdaus added, they distributed not only food packages but also other kinds of assistance like winter clothes and bread. "Insha Allah, we will deliver the aid from the generous donors will be delivered to other locations," he added.

In this distribution, food packages were distributed to fulfill the needs of the IDP for a month. In addition, the biscuits included in the packages are also expected to increase the nutrition of the children in the camps. "Each package consists of oil, rice, beans and seasonings, as well as biscuits for toddlers," said Firdaus.

The assistance for the IDP in Idlib will continue to be distributed along with the increasing number of the displaced. The exodus of IDP to the northern region happened after the attack on South Idlib. New tents had been set up, and no one knew how long they would stay in the camp. []