Full Support for MSMEs in North Sumatra

In North Sumatra, Global Wakaf-ACT and the Provincial Government have provided Waqf for MSMEs program. The program, that is the realization of waqf funds management, is expected to uplift the business capacity of the MSMEs amid the prolonged pandemic.

Business capital assistance.
The symbolic handover of business capital assistance to the MSMEs owners in North Sumatra. (ACTNEws)

ACTNews, MEDAN – In collaboration with the provincial government of North Sumatra, Global Wakaf-ACT launched Waqf for MSMEs in Medan, North Sumatera, Thursday (7/8/2021). The event which was held in the T Rizal Nurdin Hall, Official Residence Complex of North Sumatra Governorate, was also attended by the Directors of PT Bank Sumut and MSME owners. This program aims to increase the business capacity of MSMEs in North Sumatra, especially amid the pandemic.

The Governor of North Sumatra, Edy Rahmayadi, welcomed the launch of this program. In his speech, Edy hopes and invites the people of North Sumatra to be able to unite together to help others who are in difficulties, especially during the current pandemic.

“Currently, the government has to strictly implement the restriction regulations so that many economic activities are being restricted to stop the spread of the Covid-19 in North Sumatra. The regulations are applied to keep us safe during the pandemic. Therefore, mutual cooperation is required,” said Eddy.

Waqf for MSMEs is a program that optimizes the waqf funds managed by Global Wakaf-ACT in the productive economic sector. The funds will be rotated from one MSME owner to another so that the funds will not run out immediately.

The Regional Manager of ACT North Sumatra, Husaini Ismail, says that the Waqf for MSMEs program in North Sumatra aims to revive MSMEs amid the pandemic. One thousand MSMEs are targeted to receive assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT and North Sumatra Provincial Government.

"This is a concrete realization of our solidarity during the emergency due to the pandemic. With the spirit of Together Uplift Indonesia movement, Global Wakaf-ACT together with the North Sumatra Provincial Government will provide our best assistance," explained Husaini.

In addition to business capital assistance, Global Wakaf-ACT will also provide business mentoring to MSME owners, aiming to increase the business capacity and welfare of the MSME owners. It is expected that the beneficiaries will also contribute so that generosity will continue to expand.[]