Gaza in Need of Adequate Supplies and Facilities to Welcome Winter

Among the preparations that must be made by the Gazans in welcoming the winter is repairing the drainage system and their houses' roof.

The temperature can plummet up to an extreme level during winter. Winter poses a certain hardship for the people of Gaza who don't have enough food supplies, room heating, or even adequate houses. (ACTNews).

ACTNews, GAZA - This winter has not yet arrived in Gaza, but there are several things that must be prepared by the people of Gaza to welcome the upcoming winter.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team in Gaza met with the Head of the Environmental Authority and Waste Management Services Abd Al Karim Abu Al Qomboz. According to Abd Al Karim, there are still many problem that need to be handled together, including drainage system, fuel for waste management cars, water purification, and lack of facilities for public shelter on the main roads.

"The Gaza Strip has to suffer for years every winter. In the midst of an emergency economic situation, there are a number of projects that we must do immediately so that the community can live properly during winter," explained Abd Al Karim.

ACT volunteers in Gaza meeting with Head of Environmental Authority and Waste Management Services Abd Al Karim Abu Al Qomboz. (ACTNews)

In addition to inadequate public facilities, the people of Gaza also lack food, winter clothing, and blankets. Many of their houses' roofs are also leaking.

In mid-2018, Asma Abdullah Alborsh's family received a room heater for her family, for which she was really grateful. "We thank ACT’s donors for helping us with the electric heater. This winter, we really need more help. We pray that Allah will repay the kindness of the Indonesian people with something better," she said at the time.

Asma Abdullah Alborsh's family receiving a room heater in winter. (ACTNews)

For most refugees, the war never ends in Gaza. They must fight against hardship without knowing when it will end. Even hundreds of people protested on Tuesday (11/5) last week to the Israeli government and the United Nations. They are victims who no longer have homes after Israel bombed Gaza in 2014. As reported by International Middle East Media Center, the protesters demanded that a shelter be built before winter comes. Some of them read poetry, and some chanted yells. []