Gaza’s Residents Relish Hundreds of Iftar Packages

Gaza’s Residents Relish Hundreds of Iftar Packages

ACTNews, GAZA - In the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is back to assist the Palestinians in Gaza, who lives under constant oppression and blockade from Israeli authority. In contrast with other Muslims throughout the world who welcome Ramadan with joy, Muslims in Gaza have to welcome Ramadan with hardships, such as food limitations.

On Monday (6/5), the first day of Ramadan 1440 H, ACT’s local volunteers in Gaza distributed Iftar food packages for hundreds of beneficiaries throughout the Gaza Strip. Each of the meal consists of rice and pieces of chicken.

Hundreds of the iftar food packages were cooked in Indonesia’s Public Kitchen in Gaza. After the meals were packaged, the hundreds of iftar food packages were delivered to the Palestinians family, who reside in the slums.

“Alhamdulillah, there were 250 families who savored the iftar meals that we cooked in the Indonesian Public Kitchen,” explained Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT

The iftar packages are expected to alleviate the hardships of Muslims in Gaza, as they have to welcome the first days of Ramadan in the midst of Israeli air strikes--as previously reported, the crisis has been escalated since Friday (3/5).

Other than the escalation, the Palestinians in Gaza also has to spend Ramadan in restriction from blockade that has been imposed by Israel since decades ago. UNRWA reported that almost 1.3 millions of Palestinians live under economic crisis caused by the blockade and isolation. its economy has been ruined by the long-standing closure and isolation, increasing ten-fold the number of Palestine refugees who need help to meet their basic needs. Restrictions on agriculture, fishing and trade have also had an impact on food availability.

Under the “Marhaban Yaa Muhsineen” program in the Holy Month of Ramadan, ACT will carry on a series of distribution programs for our Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world who live under oppression and crisis. Palestine is one of the top countries for Indonesia’s philanthropy, to help them fight for their freedom. []