Gaza's Strong Faith Amidst 12 Years of Blockade

Gaza's Strong Faith Amidst 12 Years of Blockade

ACTNews, GAZA – The humanitarian crisis in which the people of Gaza have been living for more than a decade does not make them falter. Gaza always has hopes that the Muslims around the world will assist and support their struggle, as said by the Imam of Qubaa Mosque in Gaza, Sheikh Asad Khalil Hammouda during an interview with ACTNews last February.

“Gaza does not have much wealth, resources, or many kinds of weapons, but Gaza has strong faith in Allah, unbreakable willpower, courage, and the help from Allah,” said Hammouda, Friday (2/22). He added that their strong faith has fueled the spirit of the Gazans amidst the blockade that has been going on for 12 years.

The blockade imposed upon Gaza has resulted in food insecurity and clean water scarcity. “97 percent of water in Gaza is not fit for drinking,” added Hammouda. As reported by World Food Program, 50 percent of the population in Gaza are food insecure.

The life in Gaza worsens as energy crisis also afflicts the people in the besieged area. Hammouda mentioned that the electricity in Gaza only runs for 4 hours a day. “There’s no electricity for the rest 20 hours. Gaza is shrouded in darkness from north to south,” said Hammouda who is also a journalist.

The lack of electricity, Hammouda added, has negatively affected the life of the people on Gaza. The children can only read with the little lighting available. They have to rely on dim lights from candles and mobile phones to study.

“I remember when the blockade was first imposed. I was still a student, and I studied and read using candles and small flashlights, and it made our eyes tired. It was very difficult just to read,” remembered Hammouda. The energy crisis has also made it difficult for hospitals in Palestine to treat the patients.

Another problem that arise from the blockade is the scarcity of basic needs including medicines. “Look at the patients in Gaza who cannot get the medicines they need. Imagine if your little child or elderly family members need medications but they can’t obtain them,” said Hammouda. He calls the humanitarian crisis in Palestine a “mass torture” and “worst crime”.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues working to ease the suffering of the people of Gaza. In an effort to alleviate the food insecurity in Gaza, ACT launched Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) in Gaza in early March.

The aid distribution from IHC in Gaza is done in unison with other ongoing ACT humanitarian programs such as the Indonesian Public Kitchen and Humanity Card. Through the optimization of the IHC, ACT is determined to initiate long term, more significant aid programs for Palestine.

“Along with food distribution, we also provide fuel for the electric generators in hospitals, mobility aid for people with disabilities, medical assistance and other humanitarian programs,” said Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT. []



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