Gazans Depend on Assistance after Military Aggression

In the aftermath of the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza, many public facilities have been devastated. This has inevitably made life difficult for the Gazans who are already living in an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Gaza ruins
Gazan residents clear off the ruins after the Israeli attacks. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – After the 11-day aggression of Israeli military forces, the people of Gaza are working to recover their condition. Many facilities were destroyed, making life more difficult for the residents of this besieged enclave as reported by Tahany Ahmed Qasim, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Branch Manager in Gaza.

"The affected people are now mostly dependent on foreign assistance. Nearly 80 percent of the people are living in hardship, and 70 percent of the total population of Gaza is now unemployed," she explained during a video call at the declaration of the International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP) in Balikpapan, Friday (6/4/2021).

According to Tahany, the recent Israeli aggression was fairly strong and it occurred amid the siege on the Gaza Strip that has lasted for 15 years. Thus, the aggression has had a considerable impact.

"Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are internally displaced because the houses where they live were destroyed. They were displaced, but they still stay within the area of the Gaza Strip. They lack food," said Tahany.

Not only food but clean water and electricity are also scarce in Gaza. Tahany added, out of 2 million residents, 800,000 Gazans lack clean water. The electricity is also limited, running only for 4 hours a day due to lack of fuel.

Years of isolation and the recent aggression have also had a severe impact on health facilities in Gaza. There is only a limited amount of medical personnel and supplies in Gaza. In addition, Israeli authorities also refuse to issue medical permits for the Gazans who suffer from cancer to get medical treatments outside Gaza.

"When someone has cancer, they have to go to the West Bank because there are no facilities in Gaza to treat them. However, the recent aggression has restricted their access to get out of Gaza, causing many cancer patients to die,” Tahany said.

Schools have also been affected by Israeli aggression. Fifty-four schools were destroyed during the aggression. Because of this, the students have not been able to return back to school.

Sadly, Israel continues to commit atrocities in other parts of Palestine. Tahany said the Zionists continued attacking and arresting Palestinians around Al-Quds.

"After the ceasefire, a lot of aid came in from the international community. But it didn't last long because they continue blocking the entrances. They need to coordinate with Israel who controls the entrances before sending the goods into Gaza. The goods have to undergo detailed inspections before they can get in," Tahany continued.

Despite the strict measures to get aid into Gaza, much of the assistance has been able to get into Gaza. Hence, Tahany thanked the Indonesian people who have supported the struggle of the Palestinians. []