Generosity Fuels ACT’s Cheap Food Operation

More than two weeks after its launch, Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Cheap Food Operation continues to be held in various ACT branches, involving local MSMEs, volunteers, and donors.

cheap food operation
One of the recipients of cheap food packages in North Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – For over two weeks, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Cheap Food Operation has been running to provide affordable food to communities affected by the pandemic. Tons of rice and other foodstuffs have been distributed to the needy. They are happy and delighted to receive foodstuff packages that they buy at half-price.

The Cheap Food Operation is held in several regions to expand its benefits. In Cilegon, for instance, the Cheap Food Operation was supported by the Deputy Mayor of Cilegon Sanusi Pentamarta. In Tasikmalaya, Cimahi, and North Jakarta, the Cheap Food Operation was met with a positive response from the beneficiaries. In Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, the Cheap Food Operation was attended by representatives from the local government, MUI Balikpapan, as well as various partners who supported this program.

“May Allah grant success to ACT and Allah reward the donors with more goodness in return, and may we all be healthy and full of blessings,” said Deputy Mayor of Cilegon Sanusi Pentamarta a few days ago.

Involving MSMEs

The implementation of the Cheap Food Operation aims not only to provide affordable foodstuffs but also to support their suppliers i.e. MSME owners.

In Surabaya, for instance, Cheap Food Operation was held in 17 districts with over 1,500 coupons distributed to the recipients. Each coupon is worth IDR 2,000-5,000. Each family received three coupons that can be used to purchase foodstuffs at shops that have partnered with ACT.

One of these shops was Tatik’s which was located at Jetus Wetan. She was overjoyed when her shop was packed with buyers after it was previously empty due to the pandemic.  

“I am very happy and grateful. Buyers are flocking thanks to the subsidies from the Cheap Food Operation. Before this, my shop was quiet,” she said.

Similar food distributions that involved local grocers were also held in Sidoarjo and Tasikmalaya Regencies. The small-scale grocery shops were involved in providing foodstuff packages that are sold at half-price.

One of the recipients of the Cheap Food Operation organized by ACT Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews)

Support from the generous

This program is a tangible manifestation of our generosity. The Cheap Food Operation is proof that despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, generosity shines on.

In Cianjur, for instance, the provision of the affordable foodstuffs involved partners that include Indo Super Grocery Store, Selamat Store, Abulyatama Foundation, and Tjandra FM Radio Station.

This program was also met with a positive response from Daeng Uki, one of the prominent supporters of PSM Makassar Football Club. He took part in the food distribution at Nurul Amin Mosque in Makassar.

“The soaring prices of basic needs during these difficult times force people to work harder just for a morsel of rice, especially for poor families who lost their jobs to the pandemic,” said Daeng Uki who raised funds through social media. []