Generosity Strengthens Converts of Akit Tribe, Penyalai

Several days ago, Global Wakaf- ACT visited Muslim converts of Akit Tribe on Penyalai Island, Kuala Kampar, Pelalawan. The team distributed Quran copies and Waqf Rice to underprivileged Muslim converts.

Handover of Quran Copies to Muslim converts and residents of Akit Tribe on Penyalai Island, Pelalawan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PELALAWAN – Ahead of the end of September, on Wednesday (9/22/2021), Global Wakaf-ACT Riau visited Teluk Village, Kuala Kampar District, Pelalawan. The team aimed to meet Muslim converts from Akit Tribe on Penyalai Island. A number of Quran copies and food aid were distributed to the locals.

A warm welcome was expressed by the residents especially from Ustaz Abdurohman who is one of the converts’ mentors in the village. Ustaz Abdurohman hopes for the Quran aid to strengthen the Islamic knowledge of the converts.

“Hopefully, this assistance can motivate the converts here in learning Islam, strengthen the Islamic friendship with each other, and create wider brotherhood among Muslims,” hoped Ustaz Abdurohman.

Currently, the converts of Akit Tribe in Teluk Village still require more assistance. Those who just switched to embrace Islam still require a deeper understanding of the religion while at the same time, their economic situation is still unstable.

In Teluk Village, a total of 67 converted families are living in the village which is mostly occupied by Akit Tribe. However, many of the residents are still economically deprived. Therefore, ACT’s assistance from the benefactors was welcomed excitedly by the converts.[]