Generous Aid Improves Quality of Life of Dozens of Palestinian Families

In October, ACT echoed Sister Family Palestine Indonesia (SFPI) program again. A total of 40 impoverished families in Gaza received this assistance.

Palestinian impoverished family receives living expenses from philanthropists. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – At the beginning of October, the humanitarian action of Generous Friends to restore Gaza has echoed again. 40 Palestinian families in Gaza received financial assistance to meet their daily needs. Indonesian benefactors collected their alms through Sister Family Palestine Indonesia (SFPI) Program.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team explains that SFPI targets impoverished families in Gaza and those who are having difficulty meeting their needs due to the Israeli Zionist blockade for decades.

“Apart from giving financial assistance, this program builds a bridge of brotherhood between Indonesian and Palestinian families. They can get to know each other's stories and family conditions. SFPI allows Generous Friends to have a family in Palestine," said Said, Tuesday (9/12/2021).

Mukaffiy said financial assistance provided can be utilized by Gaza's families according to the priority of their respective needs. Some beneficiaries were widows who supporting their families to pay for their children's education, sick family members, pay debts, or rent a house.

"They are greatly helped after being brought together by their families in Indonesia. Their lives are more prosperous. Children can resume their education at no cost, and sick family members can finally go to the doctor to check their illness," added Mukaffiy.

Mukaffiy also hoped for the Indonesian alms so that more Palestinian families would become beneficiaries of this program. "More or less, 80 percent of families in Gaza are very dependent on international community assistance to survive. Meanwhile, there are still many families that we have not been able to reach through this assistance. We need more support," concluded Mukaffiy. []