Generous Friends Add A New Humanity Food Truck For Palestine

Now, ACT can add a new Humanity Food Truck in Gaza, Palestine, thanks to the generosity of Generous Friends. This vehicle will support humanitarian action, especially in the food sector.

Humanity Food Truck
A new Humanity Food Truck operates in Gaza. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – After almost three months of assembly in the workshop, Humanity Food Truck vehicle was finally able to operate in Gaza at the end of September. This truck, which has a modern kitchen in it, is the 2nd unit specially made for cooking and serving ready-to-eat meals to the impoverished Gazans.

“Free Meal Services” is written on the body of the truck which has a dominant green and white color. Overall, this truck has a length of 8.4 meters and the weight reaches 10 tons. It is also filled with various cooking utensils that allow ACT's cooks to prepare various dishes for Gaza residents.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explains in one action, Humanity Food Truck is able to prepare up to 2 thousand ready-to-eat meals. This vehicle will also expand the benefits of kindness because there are two trucks in Gaza.

“Humanity Food Truck is a tangible manifestation of generosity because this truck comes from the alms of the Indonesian people," said Mukaffiy, Monday (9/20/2021).

Mukaffiy continues that there is still one more Humanity Food Truck that will be added. The unit is currently still in the modification in the workshop. When all these vehicles are ready to operate, the location of the action will be divided into several governorates in Gaza.

Food is one of the most urgent needs for Gazans. The World Food Program (WFP) stated that by 2021, in Gaza, nearly seven out of ten people are poor, half of the workforce is unemployed, and seven out of ten households are food insecure. The level of food insecurity becomes very high.[]