Generous Friends’ Assistance Increases Food Supply for Kashmiris During Winter

Hundreds of impoverished Kashmir residents received food assistance from Generous Friends through ACT. This aid will help to increase their food availability during the winter months.

food assistance for Kashmiris
The ACT team provides food assistance for Kashmiris. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AZAD KASHMIR – ACT team distributed hundreds of kilograms of food to impoverished people of Azad, Kashmir. The team provided this assistance to help Kashmiris from severe hunger at the peak of winter. 

According to Said Mukaffiy of ACT's Global Humanity Responses team, the ACT team distributed this assistance on Monday (1/24/2022) and Tuesday (1/25/2022). 420 impoverished Kashmiris received the food packaged. 

"ACT team delivered the assistance directly to the houses of residents. This week, the temperature dropped to -8 degrees Celsius, accompanied by heavy snow, making it difficult for residents to leave their homes to work and shop for groceries," said Mukaffiy on Saturday (1/29/2022).

Heavy snowfall has also harmed a variety of garden crops, which are one of Kashmir's primary food sources. Millions of rupees were estimated to have been lost in the state's horticultural sector.

Furthermore, Mukaffiy stated that the ongoing political conflict has resulted in the economic devastation of the Kashmiri community. The indirect effect is a depleted food supply, which is accompanied by rising prices.

"Many Kashmiris do not have heating at home, in addition to a lack of food supplies. They can shiver in their own houses because the temperatures are so low," added Mukaffiy.

In the Kashmir region, winter and snow are frequently disastrous. Twenty-two people died in the Murree region in early January after being caught in a snowstorm. It is the route to Azad. []