Generous Friends Provide Needs of Zaki Abbas’ Family

Generous Friends in Indonesia helped the needs of Zaki Abbas al-Qarm's family. Now, Zaki can take his sick family to the doctor, fulfill their food needs, and fix their leaky roof.

Zaki Abbas
Zaki Abbas’ family receives financial assistance from Generous Friends in Indonesia. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Zaki Abbas al-Qarm's family is one of the Palestinian families who were met with generous Indonesian families through Sister Family Palestine-Indonesia program. Various needs of his family are now being helped, including medical assistance.

Many of Zaki's family suffer from several diseases. Zaki has diabetes. From the beginning, he wanted to check and treat his illness to the doctor, but he has no money.

To meet their food needs in one day is already burdensome, let alone for treatment. Some of Zaki's children also have disabilities. They also cannot help Zaki to earn a living.

"Thank you, ACT and donors in Indonesia. Thanks to you, we can live a better life. We can go to the doctor, buy proper food, and all my children are no longer hungry," said Zaki, who lives in Khan Yunis, Thursday (9/2/2021).

Zaki will also use the money to renovate some parts of his house that have been damaged and are not safe to live in.

"The roof of my house is leaking. All the water will enter when it rains. Thank you, Indonesia. I can repair my roof, and it doesn't leak anymore," concluded Zaki.[]