Generous Friends Provide Thousands of Ready-to-Eat Meals for the Al-Nuseirat Refugee Camp

The Humanity Food Truck stopped at the Al-Nuseirat Camp in Deir al-Balah, Gaza City. Internally Displaced Persons were given over a thousand servings of ready-to-eat meals for free.

Humanity Food Truck
The Humanity Food Truck serves ready-to-eat meals to internally displaced people at Al-Nuseirat Camp. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The Humanity Food Truck stopped in Palestine at Camp Al-Nuseirat, five kilometers northeast of Deir al-Balah. On Thursday (5/19/2022), the vehicle, which includes a modern kitchen, delivered 1,200 portions of ready-to-eat food to Gaza residents.

According to Mukaffiy of the Global Humanity Network-ACT team, thousands of internally displaced people in Al-Nuseirat were delighted when they received this ready-to-eat meal with large chunks of chicken.

Mukaffiy added that the food was prepared in Humanity Food Truck's kitchen by ACT Palestine team cooks. A variety of modern equipment available in the vehicle allows the cook to prepare many foods.

"The cooks always prioritize cleanliness when cooking to ensure the quality of the food produced. When the food is ready, volunteers will deliver it directly to the tents where the refugees live. This dish is from the Indonesian people's generosity," Mukaffiy explained on Saturday (5/21/2022).

This time, children were one of the primary targets for food distribution. Mukaffiy stated that many children in refugee camps frequently struggle to obtain food and other necessities. Many Palestinian children are growing up.

"With this action, we can meet the need for healthy and nutritious food, which is essential for them to grow up healthy and cheerful," Mukaffiy said.

Furthermore, the Humanity Food Truck used in this action was a new vehicle that debuted in April. There are currently three Humanity Food Trucks operating in Palestine.

"This vehicle was made possible by the Generous Friends' best alms for the Palestinians. Gazans are currently under increasing strain due to Israel's prolonged blockade. Insha Allah, the Palestine team will easily deliver assistance through this humanitarian vehicle," he said. []