Get Ready to Take Part in the Ramadan Ship!

It is planned, within 10 days before the end of Ramadan, ACT Batam is going to sail the Ramadan ship. The program provides food for the islanders, underprivileged people, and the converts. Everyone is able to take part in this kindness action.

Ramadan food packages.
Ramadan food packages are about to be distributed to the islands in Batam in 2019. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – 2021 becomes the second Ramadan during the Covid-19  pandemic. The deadly virus has not stopped its spread in the entire country. A year has passed since the first case of Covid-19 in Indonesia, but the new normal era barely brings changes to the people’s lives who are affected by it. The economy and education haven’t fully recovered, the hospitals are still filled with patients and healthcare workers, and people’s activities are still limited.

The impact of the pandemic is not only felt by the people in big cities but also those who live in small islands with limited access. Their access to the big island which becomes the economic center got hampered. Meanwhile, if they just stay still at the island it will affect more to their financial situation and be surrounded by limited facilities there. Even without the pandemic, they have already been isolated from the advancement in the city. This also happens with Selat Desa Island, Ngenang, Nongsa, Batam City. On the island where the converts from the Suku Laut tribe live, there is no electric access and most of the residents are underprivileged. To reach the educational and health facilities, they have to cross to the nearest island.

Responding to this condition which has been going on for years, and is now worsened by the pandemic, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Batam strives to bring staple food packages to people in the islands. The Ramadan Ship is planned to be sailed 10 days before the Eid Al-Fitr as an effort to bring happiness to our brothers and sisters on the islands.

“The pandemic hugely affects our life. If those in the cities can already feel the economic and educational impact, how about those who only live on small islands with a lot of limitations?,” said Khairul Hafiz from ACT Batam Program team, Thursday (04/22/2021).

The Ramadan Ship is being prepared by ACT to bring the staple food packages to the islands occupied by muslim converts, underprivileged people with limited public and transportation facilities. Some of these islands are Selat Desa, Gara, Kubung, Korek, Labun, Bertam, Mas, Air Raja, and Nipah.

Khairul also added everyone could take part in the program because food is quite urgent to be fulfilled in the islands around Batam.

“Through the Ramadan Ship, we will carry out the actions without limit. Overcoming challenges to meet our brothers and sisters in the islands. Your best alms can be sent through BNI Syariah at 88 00000 637. The ship will also be a special gift for them during the holy month,” said Khairul.

The Ramadan Ship program in Batam and other Riau islands is actually not the first one. In Ramadan 2019, ACT sailed the Ramadan Ships which brought food packages to the residents on Anambas Islands. The people on Sweraya Island, Batam also received the same packages from this program of ACT.[]