Gifts to Appreciate Teachers in North Jakarta

Food aid and financial aid were given to the teachers by Global Zakat-ACT in a gathering event held at the ACT North Jakarta Branch Office on Saturday (6/5/2021).

ACT Gathering
Gathering with teachers in North Jakarta. (ACTNews/Adil Asasyahid)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – Teachers have a paramount role in building a better nation as they are the key to fighting against ignorance.

To appreciate their role, Global Zakat-ACT North Jakarta held a gathering event at ACT North Jakarta Branch Office attended by the beneficiaries of Friends of Indonesian Teachers program. The event was attended by honorary teachers, Quran teachers and Islamic boarding school teachers from each district in North Jakarta.

In this meeting, Global Zakat-ACT North Jakarta strengthened their commitment in supporting and helping teachers’ struggle to educate Indonesian children especially in the North Jakarta where social inequality is prevalent.

In the event, ACT presents financial aid and food packages as a form of appreciation. (ACTNews/Adil Asasyahid)

"We really appreciate the role of teachers in each region, please pray that with the Friends of Indonesian Teachers program, Global Zakat-ACT can make a real contribution to the welfare of teachers and provide wider benefits to the community," said ACT North Jakarta Branch Manager Mohammad Irfan, Saturday (6/5/2021).

In this gathering, Global Zakat-ACT provided assistance in the form of food packages and financial assistance for 20 teachers from the zakat funds.

Walmin, one of the teachers from YAANIC Vocational High School felt grateful for this gathering. “Education has complex problems that need to be solved. This activity is very beneficial because it can help teachers solve their problems. We thank Global Zakat-ACT very much for paying attention to teachers in Indonesia,” said Walmin.

In addition to providing assistance to teachers, Global Zakat-ACT North Jakarta has also appointed a coordinator for SGI North Jakarta. []