Giving Best Aid for Palestine in the Most Dire Time

Giving Best Aid for Palestine in the Most Dire Time

ACTNews, GAZA, WEST BANK – The escalation in Palestine continues to this day. Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reported that Israeli forces continue committing systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory. On the first anniversary of the Great March of Return, in the 52nd week of the protest, five Palestinians were reportedly killed and 412 were wounded. Few days after the anniversary of the Great March of Return, on April 2, Israel killed a 23-year-old Palestinian man in West Bank.

Israel also continues raiding Palestinian settlements and communities. PCHR reported that, during March 28 to April 3, Israeli forces conducted at least 68 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 5 other incursions into Jerusalem and its suburbs, arresting at least 28 Palestinian civilians, including five children in the West Bank. Meanwhile, 16 civilians including 2 children and 3 women were arrested in Jerusalem and its suburbs. Israel also continues to demolish Palestinian homes in Jerusalem in order to create a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem.

In Gaza, the siege that has been imposed since 11 years ago could actually turn Gaza uninhabitable by 2020. Since March 2018, the weekly protest of Great March of Return has been held every Friday where thousands of Gazans demand the rights for their lands. Israeli forces have been using excessive force in dealing with the protesters. Live ammunition and tear gas has killed hundreds of protesters and wounded thousands of them.

Seeing the devastating condition faced by the Palestinians, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) is striving harder to provide the best assistance to the people of Palestine. ACT Senior Vice President Syuhelmaidi Syukur stated that ACT is initiating more innovative programs to swiftly respond to the condition in Palestine, especially as the month of Ramadan nears.  


“The exacerbating condition in Palestine recently has made us in ACT decide to change the aid program from the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine into several main programs that have been proven effective and efficient, and can be implemented quickly. The comprehensiveness of the aid programs is also being improved to make sure that these programs will bring more significant and long-term benefits,” explained Syukur, Friday (4/5).

He added that this decision was made to improve the significance and bring long-term benefits. ACT is working to optimize the operation of the Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) in Gaza, a distribution center that manages up to 1,000 tons of food, medicines and clothes for the Palestinians. Adequate houses for the Palestinians are also to be provided through the construction of flats, beginning with the construction of 1,000 flats on waqf lands in Gaza.

For the economic empowerment, ACT through Global Wakaf is going to build Waqf Shops managed by mosque boards and local communities in Gaza. Additionally, another economic empowerment program is to be initiated through the Waqf-based Livestock Barn that will manage hundreds of animals to fulfill the needs during Ramadan and Eid-ul-Adha.

The basic aid distribution programs are also being improved, including Indonesian Public Kitchen, Humanity Water Tank, Humanity Card, Fuel Distribution for hospitals, mobility aid for people with disabilities, medical assistance and other seasonal aid programs.

Bismillah, we beseech Allah to grant us strength and blessings. These aid programs will be the focus of our help for Palestine, especially in welcoming Ramadan 1440 AH, Insha Allah,” said Syukur. []


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