Global Qurban-ACT Delivers Thousands of Qurbani Meat Packages to Surabaya Residents

Thousands of packages of Qurbani meat were distributed in Surabaya. The beneficiaries were impoverished residents and students in Islamic boarding schools.

Qurbani meat
One Surabaya resident receives Qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SURABAYA – This year, Eid ul-Adha was celebrated amid a pandemic. Before  Eid ul-Adha,  the government implemented restrictions on community activities to curb the spread of Covid-19. The Java-Bali Emergency Public Activity Restriction Enforcement (PPKM) implementation has been extended until August 2.

Global Qurban-ACT and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteers broke through limitations through the generosity of benefactors at the moment of Qurbani. In Surabaya, Global Qurban-ACT delivered thousands of meat packages to underprivileged residents affected by the pandemic. A warm welcome and prayers also came from the residents to the benefactors.

“For three days, Global Qurban-ACT distributed thousands of Qurbani meat packages to impoverished residents in the city. This distribution did not only deliver food needs amid pandemic but also the symbols of Islam to strengthen the community," explained Dipo Hadi from ACT Surabaya Program team, Thursday (7/22/2021).

Several distribution locations in Surabaya were in Beton Menganti, ex-localization of Dolly, Dharmahusada, Dukuh Pakis, Medokan Semampir Dam, Tambak Asri, and Kampung 1001 Malam. Residents were so happy to receive this Qurbani meat, especially in the current and limited conditions.

“Thank you very much. Residents of the evictions of Medokan Semampir Dam are happy to be able to taste beef this year. We live in these bunkhouses. We are still having a hard time buying rice for daily meals let alone buying meat” said Santi, one of the residents affected by the eviction at Medokan Semampir Dam.

Global Qurban-ACT also distributed Qurbani meat during Eid ul-Adha to Islamic boarding schools. Global Qurban-ACT collaborated with Regional Military Command V Brawijaya, Fleet Command 2 Indonesian National Navy, and the Directorate of Water Police of the East Java Police to distribute Qurbani meat to many communities. 

“We would like to thank ACT for collaborating with Regional Military Command V Brawijaya for the slaughter and distribution of Qurbani cows this year. May Allah give blessings to the benefactors who perform the Qurbani." Said Jayak, the Chairman of the Implementation Committee of Regional Military Command V Brawijaya.[]