Global Qurban - ACT Distributes Qurbani 700 Meat Packages in Bogor

Qurbani meat distribution would be carried out after the Dhuhr prayer by the management of Al-Muttaqien Mosque, Bogor City.

Volunteers of ACT Bogor.
Volunteers of ACT Bogor chop the Qurbani meat before it is weighed and packaged. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR — On Tuesday (7/20/2021) morning, Global Qurban - ACT Bogor was preparing to distribute 700 packages of Qurbani meat around Bogor City, West Java to underprivileged people.

Ihza Handika, the Person in Charge of Qurbani implementation, said that the distribution would begin after Dhuhr prayer together with the board of Al-Muttaqien Mosque, Bogor City.

Alhamdulillah, we have slaughtered all Qurbani animals here, but we haven't done the distribution of the meat. We'll do it after the Dhuhr prayer in collaboration with mosques that have been our frequent partners," Ihza reported, Tuesday (7/20/2021).

Ihza continued, the qurbani sacrifice was done at a slaughterhouse on Jalan Yasmin, Bogor. Nineteen qurbani animals consisting of 8 cows and 11 goats were slaughtered that day.

“The cows are from Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. Insha Allah, they are healthy and fat,” said Ihza.

Dozens of volunteers and local residents were involved in cutting up the qurbani meat. In fact, the volunteers had been on standby since 6 a.m.

Khisnul Hasanah from Global Qurban-ACT Bogor Program team says Global Qurban-ACT aims to help and support the community through Qurbani. "This Qurbani distribution is one of our efforts to assist underprivileged communities in Bogor. Insha Allah, Qurbani meat is only the beginning of our assistance that will continue after Eid ul-Adha," she said.

Khisnul hopes the Qurbani meat from Global Qurban-ACT can bring joy to the beneficiaries, especially those who rarely enjoy Qurbani meat.[]