Global Qurban – ACT Greets Communities in Indonesian Peripheral Areas

Qurbani animals were sacrificed and distributed to the residents of Mahakam Ulu, a Regency in East Kalimantan, in Iduladha 2019 ago. Border areas such as the Mahakam Ulu are always a concern of Global Qurban - Fast Action Response every year.

Global Qurban – ACT Greets Communities in Indonesian Peripheral Areas' photo
People in Mahakam Ulu, East Kalimantan, sacrificed two heads of cattle andand distributed the beef. (ACTNews/Arifka)

ACTNews, MAHAKAM ULU – In August 2019 the Global Qurban – Aksi Cepat Tanggap East Kalimantan team journeyed for 24 hours along a winding road to cross the river to get to the northernmost region in East Kalimantan, Mahakam Ulu Regency, which directly borders Malaysia to deliver the mandate of the qurbani donors by greeting fellow Indonesian living in the peripheral areas of the country.

Even in 2019, the electricity has not covered the whole areas. The difficult access to the location has also made the prices of basic needs skyrocket. "To get here, actually you can also use a helicopter," explained Muhammad Iqbal from the Global Qurban – ACT East Kalimantan Program Department.

That day, Sunday (August 11, 2019), Global Qurban - ACT sacrificed two heads of cattle that weighed 120 kilograms each. The Qurbani Thanksgiving was held, involving the local villagers of Batu Majang and 303 RI-Malaysia Border Patrol Task Force. Happiness and cooperation were shown as the locals and the border patrol troops enjoyed qurbani dishes.

The distribution of sacrificial animals to the Mahakam Ulu other peripheral regions of Indonesia is an initiative of Global Qurban - ACT. "This is part of Global Qurban – ACT’s effort to deliver qurbani to many areas, including Indonesian borders and almost 50 countries around the world. Alhamdulillah, this is the second year we visited Mahakam Ulu the Indonesia Berqurban and Dermawan Berqurban’s programs," explained Iqbal.

This moment also became a moment of intimacy and togetherness between the locals and the troops that were guarding the border. Commandant of Border Patrol Task Force Lieutenant Colonel Taufik Ismail also appreciated the Global Qurban – ACT’s qurbani distribution in Mahakan Ulu. "We are truly grateful to Global Qurban - ACT for the qurbani given to the troops and the local residents of Indonesian peripheral areas," said Taufik Ismail.

Global Qurban - ACT continues its efforts to expand the benefits of qurbani. This year, the distribution of 100,000 qurbani animals equivalent to cattle or 700 thousand goats is targeted to benefit millions of people.

Carrying the theme "Labbaik, Berqurban Terbaik", Global Qurban - ACT endeavors to reach 34 provinces, 275 cities/regencies and various countries in 2020.

Another innovation made by Global Qurban – ACT is the Qurbani Agents. Global – Qurban ACT aims to support communities that are financially affected by the pandemic by opening up the opportunity to become agents through whom people can purchase qurbani animals with the opportunity of earning benefits. []