Global Qurban Central Sumatra Ready to Distribute Qurbani Animals to Remote Areas

As in previous years, Global Qurban will expand its distribution all over the country. One of them is in the Central Sumatra Region. The distribution will reach remote areas including those who rarely receive Qurbani meat and the Muslim converts.

Riau residents receive Qurbani meat on Eid ul-Adha 2020.
Riau residents receive Qurbani meat on Eid ul-Adha 2020. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKANBARU – In less than a month, Eid ul-Adha will come. The excitement of this year's Qurbani festival will not be much different from the previous year because it will be held amid the Covid-19 outbreak in Indonesia. Despite the restrictions and limitations, good intentions should have no limits.

Departing from this spirit, Global Qurban-ACT in the Central Sumatra region which oversees Global Qurban in West Sumatra, Riau Islands, and Riau Branches is optimistic to again distribute the best Qurbani animals from the community to various areas, even reaching the remote areas that are difficult to access. With a target of more than 5 thousand qurbani animals equal to goats, the qurbani will be distributed to a wide area like last year.

"With a target of thousands of goats equivalents, Global Qurban will expand its distribution to various areas like the previous year, even to remote islands, areas that rarely receive Qurbani animals, and to the Muslim convert communities," said the Regional Manager of ACT Central Sumatra Ronio Romantika, Tuesday (6/22/2021).

Last year, one of the locations that received Qurbani animals from Global Qurban was Teluk Lanus Village, Sungai Apit, Siak Regency. In the area that is far from the city and rarely sacrificed Qurbani animals, the residents warmly welcomed the distributed animals to be slaughtered. They worked together and distributed the meat evenly.

Conveniences of Performing Qurbani in Global Qurban 

The increasing Covid-19 cases force everyone to be vigilant. At the end of June alone, the soaring new cases have caused the overcapacity of hospitals in some areas, and fatalities continue to increase every day. However, the best worship should still be done indefinitely.

For this reason, Global Qurban-ACT provides the convenience of purchasing Qurbani from home. People who want to perform Qurbani can access the official Global Qurban website, various online marketplaces, or contact the nearest ACT branch office and Qurbani Agent who will provide the best Qurbani services. Later, on the days of Tashreeq, the Qurban donor will receive a notification of the slaughtering location with a complete report and pictures of the Qurbani animals and the slaughtering process.

All these conveniences can be obtained by the Qurbani donors for only IDR 2.3 million for one goat equivalent weighing 27-30 kilograms and IDR 16.1 million for a cow that will be slaughtered domestically. Meanwhile, Qurbani donors who want to share with our brothers and sisters in Palestine can perform Qurbani for IDR 5 million for one goat equivalent and IDR 35 million for a cow.[]