Global Qurban Collaborates with Local Farmers to Provide Best Qurbani Animals

Eid Al-Adha is coming in late July. To welcome for this annual celebration, Global Qurban has prepared its best qurbani animals in collaboration with local breeders. This year, Global Qurban focuses on supporting and empowering local livestock farmers and sellers in addition to sharing the happiness of qurbani to the beneficiaries.

The cattle on Budi's farm in Ciampea, Bogor Regency. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY- The bleating of goats was heard when ACTNews team arrived at an animal farm in in Tegal Waru, Ciampea Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, Tuesday (6/9). There is a barn that houses hundreds of goats and sheep. There is also a special cowshed where 50 cows of various types are kept. The livestock workers were busy cleaning the cowsheds and feeding the animals.

The animals being prepared in order to be sacrificed in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha season. Budi Susilo, the owner of the farm, said that the closer to Eid Al-Adha, the more sacrificial animals will be brought to the farm. Hundreds of heads of cattle will be brought from Bali and East Java.

Budi's farm is also one of the suppliers of qurbani animals for Global Qurban - ACT. For the past four years, Global Qurban - ACT and Budi have collaborated in the procurement of high quality qurbani animals. "Here, most of the activities is animal fattening, only a small part of this farm deals with animal breeding," he explained.

For Budi, the key to preparing best qurbani animals is providing the best care by maintaining the cleanliness of the cage and providing nutritious food. This is how Budi makes sure that the qurbani animals are in the best condition and the customers are satisfied with the animals they purchase for the qurbani sacrifice.

Budi explained, the animals’ weight will usually decrease when they just arrive at the farm. This is why special care is needed to prepare them for Eid Al-Adha.

Budi strives to maintain the best quality of his livestock despite the pandemic. He provides the best food for the livestock and involves local residents to work in his farm that he established in 2002. Budi appealed to people who want to perform qurbani to channel their qurbani through humanitarian agencies like Global Qurban - ACT to avoid making crowds when sacrificing the qurbani. Hence, the spread of the Coronavirus can be stopped.

Budi is also happy for the cooperation with Global Qurban that has been going on for years. The wide reach of beneficiaries that will enjoy the qurbani meat from his farm is what makes Budi proud of this collaboration. "The common vision that is oriented towards the beneficiaries and the community empowerment are the main reasons for collaborating with Global Qurban," Budi explained.

This year, in addition to spreading the qurbani meat, Global Qurban focuses on supporting and empowering livestock farmers and sellers, as mentioned by Muhammad Insan Nurrohman, ACT’s Executive Vice President and Person in Charge of the implementation of Global Qurban - ACT 2020.

"There are enormous economic benefits that we can achieve from this act of worship. We involve hundreds or even thousands of farmers who are very hopeful amid the COVID-19 pandemic because they were worried whether or not their livestock will be bought by those who will perform qurbani. Therefore, the economic benefit of qurbani is providing employment opportunities for thousands and even millions of farmers," Insan said on Monday (6/8). []