Global Qurban Delivers Qurbani Animals for the Third Time to Bromo Island

Inhabited by the majority of underprivileged residents, Bromo Island becomes a regular location of qurbani distribution by Global Qurban-ACT. Sacrificial animals that were directly slaughtered by the locals enlivened their Eid celebration.

global qurban
Families on Bromo Island who receive qurbani meat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – The joy of Eid Al-Adha was felt not only by those living at the center of the cities. Muslims living on the outskirts of Indonesian cities also savored the delicious qurbani meat packages.

The Bromo Islanders were among Muslims in Indonesian remote areas who happily celebrated Eid Al-Adha. Their joy continued until the days of tashreeq. To further enlivened their happiness, Global Qurban – ACT delivered qurbani animals to the island where there used to be a big timber processing plant.

The local residents thanked Global Qurban - ACT and the donors for delivering qurbani animals to them. "I thank the benefactors who have given sacrificial animals to the residents of Bromo Island. Hopefully what is given to us will benefit us," said Sarlinda, a local resident who works as a teacher, Wednesday (7/21/2021).

The sacrifice of the qurbani animals was done directly by the locals. A total of 300 packages of meat were distributed to the residents of Bromo Island. For the provision of the qurbani animals, Global Qurban – ACT collaborated with Kimia Farma Banjarmasin and PT Pelindo III Banjarmasin.

“Bromo Island is a remote island in Banjarmasin City. Most of the residents who live on the island, which is separated from the mainland of Banjarmasin are economically underprivileged,” explained Muhammad Ilyas Global Qurban-ACT South Kalimantan.

Bromo Island is a delta of Martapura River. In the past, most of its residents worked in a large timber processing plant. However, since it was closed, most of them work as farmers and laborers. []