Global Qurban Enlivens Tashreeq Days in Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota

This year’s Eid ul-Adha was special for several residents of Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota because Global Qurban-ACT distributed Qurbani meat to the locals who rarely celebrate Qurbani.

Qurbani meat distribution.
Qurbani meat distribution in Payakumbuh from Global Qurban-ACT. (ACTNews/Muhammad Afif)

ACTNews, PAYAKUMBUH Eid ul-Adha in 2021 was special for the residents of Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota. In the midst of the pandemic, Global Qurban-ACT delivered 10 Qurbani cows to be sacrificed and distributed to areas that rarely enjoy Qurbani meat. The distributed Qurbani meat also enlivened the Tashreeq days in the two regencies.

Almuhsinin from Global Qurban-ACT Payakumbuh Program Team said that the distribution involved locals and volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) so that the assistance could reach people across Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota.

“The distribution locations were chosen based on the assessment result that was carried out three weeks prior to Eid ul-Adha. Therefore, the distribution locations include areas that are really in need of assistance,” explained Almuhsinin, Thursday (7/22/2021).

Global Qurban-ACT distributed the Qurbani meat in Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota in the midst of Tashreeq days. The residents enthusiastically welcomed the Qurbani animals and helped from slaughtering to packaging processes.

“It’s been a while since Qurbani meat can be evenly distributed like this. Usually, only one goat was sacrificed and distributed to the entire village. This time, it’s really different from previous years,” said the Head of Jorong Sungai Data Village, Harau, Limapuluh Kota.

The slaughtered animals in Payakumbuh and Limapuluh Kota were the entrusted Qurbani sacrifice to Global Qurban-ACT. The main target of the beneficiaries were underprivileged people across the country who rarely enjoy Qurbani meat.[]