Global Qurban Ready to Distribute Qurbani Animals to 34 Countries

Global Qurban - ACT continues to bring the best qurbani to the beneficiaries in Eid Al-Adha 1441 that is about to come in less than a week. For the qurbani distribution overseas, Global Qurban – ACT targets 34 countries hit by poverty and humanitarian crises.

A qurbani recipient in Somalia carrying meat packages to her home. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Eid Al-Adha is coming in a few days. Muslims around the world are preparing toIduladha is just counting the days, soon the Muslims will be happy to welcome the coming of the Day of Sacrifice by preparing the best animals especially to be distributed to many people in need to enliven their Eid.

Global Qurban - ACT as an institution that channel qurbani from the benefactors to the beneficiaries make sure that the qurbani really reaches those who need it. The distribution reaches all areas in Indonesia as well as 34 other countries around the world, especially those suffering from humanitarian crises and poverty, as explained by Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Qurban – ACT team.

"As the name ‘Global Qurban’ implies, we aim the benefit of the qurbani distribution to be global. Alhamdulillah, in the upcoming Eid Al-Adha, we plan to distribute the qurbani to 34 countries around the world. Insha Allah, if there are more helping hands in the future, perhaps more countries will be reached by the distribution,” said Faradiba during the Munajat Dzulhijjah event at ACT Headquarters in South Jakarta, Saturday (7/25).

One family who received qurbani meat in Uganda. (ACTNews / Yusnirsyah Sirin)

With the support of philanthropists, they hope to be able to reach more people, especially those living in remote areas. "We aim to reach families that have to wait once a year during Eid Al-Adha to eat meat,” said Faradiba.

For this reason, Global Qurban – ACT has selected the countries that will receive the qurbani animals. Among these countries are countries suffering from food crisis.

Furthermore, Global Qurban – ACT also aims to increase the prosperity of the local communities by involving them in the provision of the qurbani animals.

"The Muslim communities in the target country mostly live in poverty. Our presence in these countries aim not only to distribute meat but also to increase the welfare of the cattle farmers. When the farmers are empowered, the butchers will also prosper,” Faradiba said.

This month in Gaza, Global Qurban - ACT partner found an animal farm that has 1,000 qurbani animals, ready to deliver the mandate of the philanthropists from Indonesia this year.

Alhamdulillah, we are already on a farm where there are around 1,000 heads of cattle here. With the support of Global Qurban - ACT, Insha Allah, some of these cows will be sacrificed and distributed to the people of Gaza, Palestine," said Jomah al Najjar, a Global Qurban – ACT partner in Gaza last Friday (7/8).

Farms in Gaza preparing for the best qurbani animals. (ACTNews)

For the qurbani distribution this year, Global Qurban - ACT targets underprivileged families, single mothers, and orphans across Gaza strip. Jomah was very grateful for the kindness of Indonesian people who continue to reach the people of Gaza, including during Eid Al-Adha moment. He hoped that support will continue to be given to the people of Gaza.

"We hope that the benefactors will continue to care for us. We also hope that assistance will always be given to us,” said Jomah.

As Eid Al-Adha approaches, Faradiba invites the benefactors to participate to enliven Eid Al-Adha 2020. "Eid Al-Adha is in a few days. There is still a chance. Come on, generous friends, perform your best qurbani through Global Qurban - ACT," said Faradiba. []