Global Qurban's Endeavor to Expand Benefits Through Vast Partnership Network

Global Qurban's Endeavor to Expand Benefits Through Vast Partnership Network

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Eid-ul-Adha is about offering a sacrifice to Our Lord. Its aim is to truly show our willingness to obey His command. It is a Sunnah muakkadah, a supererogatory act that is strongly recommended in Islam. Whoever performs this supererogatory act, Allah has promised for him/her an immense reward.

Qurbani ritual is a golden chance for Muslims to prove their faith and benefit others. Hence, a pious Muslim must do his/her best to be able to perform qurbani.

As Eid-ul-Adha is approaching in a few weeks, Global Qurban has been preparing to provide the best service. Since its establishment in 2011, Global Qurban comes with numerous innovative efforts to facilitate Muslims to perform Qurbani, one of which is by establishing partnership network to bring convenience in performing qurbani.


Karina of Global Qurban’s Partnership Network Development stated that Global Qurban expands its partnership networks through collaborative efforts with several regional and national partners. These collaborative efforts aim to facilitate people to access more information and conduct transaction with Global Qurban.

Additionally, according to Karina, collaborative efforts with Global Qurban’s strategic partners aim to strengthen people’s trust. “Our potential customer will think that if our partners trust Global Qurban, why don’t they?” explained Karina.

In the beginning of its journey, Global Qurban collaborated only with partners within limited scope, such as educational institutions, social communities, and mosques. After seeing its significance in facilitating people who want to do qurbani, Global Qurban has been expanding its scope.


In 2017, Global Qurban collaborated with 21,284 partners. The number of the partners increased 22.7% compared to the number of partners in the previous year.

Karina further mentioned that the expansion of the partnership network brings multiple benefits. Not only facilitating people to access more information about Global Qurban and to conduct transaction with Global Qurban, these collaborative efforts will also bring happiness to the beneficiaries.

“With these collaborative efforts, Global Qurban is able to realize its vision and mission to bring as many people as possible to perform qurbani to bring as much benefit as possible for the needy,” Karina concluded. []


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