Global Wakaf – ACT and ZIS Rohis Lintasarta Build Small Businesses’ Capacity though Training and Coaching Session

In collaboration with ZIS Rohis Lintasarta, Global Wakaf-ACT held training and coaching session for the MSMEs who receive the business grant assistance, Saturday (1/8/2022). This event is a conclusion to the series of activities as part of ZIS Rohis Lintasarta’s collaboration with Global Wakaf – ACT through the Alms for Micro Businesses program.

The training is titled Awakening the Economy of the Ummah by Strengthening Micro Enterprises and Providing Business Assistance." (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Global Wakaf-ACT held another training and coaching session for dozens of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who received business grand through the Global Wakaf – ACT. The training and coaching session titled Awakening the Economy of the Ummah by Strengthening Micro Enterprises and Providing Business Assistance was held at the hall of Al-Falaah Mosque in Bendungan Hilir Village in Central Jakarta, Saturday (8/1/2022).

The coaching session was led by Asdwin Panigoro gave a lecture about marketing and tips on expanding networks and customers. Another speaker was Valentino Dinsi who delivered a motivational speech about almsgiving as the biggest investment and the spirit of collaboration to revive the community’s economy.

At this event, the MSMEs also gave presentations about the progress and development of their respective businesses. “Alhamdulillah, there has been significant progress in the MSMEs that we support, especially with their mindset of continuing to learn and manage their business and overcome their fear of selling their innovative products. In addition, the feeling of always wanting to help others and desire to contribute to the community through the proceeds of their businesses is getting stronger," said Rushan Novaly from the Productive Capital Waqf Team.

This event is the conclusion of Global Wakaf – ACT and ZIS Rohis Lintasarta’s collaboration in supporting MSMEs that began in September 2021. Rushan hoped the training sessions will better prepare the businesses so that they can flourish.

Dozens of MSMEs have benefitted from this program since September 2021. (ACTNews)

“We know that providing business capital without coaching and training will only lead to a short-term effect. With assistance and training that last for 1 to 2 years, the MSMEs’ we can form the MSMEs’ mindset and characters so that they can jointly build the economy of the community, Insha Allah," said Rushan.

ZIS Rohis Lintasarta appreciated this program after seeing for themselves the impact of both the mentoring and business training on the beneficiaries.

"We trust Global Wakaf-ACT, and, Alhamdulillah, there have been many positive outcomes especially for the beneficiaries. We also hope that although our collaborative program has concluded, there will still be regular programs at Global Wakaf-ACT that can encourage MSMEs to continue to rise," hoped Adit from Lintasarta’s Zakat Empowerment team.

The assistance from ZIS Rohis Lintasarta and Global Wakaf – ACT has had a positive impact on Suhadi, one of the beneficiaries who sells meatball soup. He initially only sold regular meatball soups, but now he adds other variants of meatballs with different fillings, from egg, tofu, to bird’s eye chili. He also began selling the meatballs online.

“I have been thinking of adding shaved ice on the menu and opening other kinds of business. To support my business spiritually, I have been trying to be steadfast in donating the first bowl of my meatball soup for free every day,” he said. []